In your depth lies
the Source of All Things

Diving In

In-Depth Healing and Awakening
is an invitation to descend into the depth of your being where all thoughts, emotions and behaviors arise. Within your depth is to be found the source of your dis-ease and the source of your joy.

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The body-mind is a manifested form, the human self often described as the ego. The ego resumes in a bundle of patterns, kept in place by automatic and unconscious repetition. Some of them are defenses that prevent you from experiencing satisfaction and joy.

Within and beyond the form exists a flow of energy, primordial to the ego-structure. That energy contains the codes of your soul and evolution.

The body is the seat of the unconscious. By attuning to the symptoms that it presents you can access the messages held in a long overdue darkness. You become aware of the stakes of your human experience. Transformation happens through a process of befriending. Compassion towards all aspects of your experience remains the key of healing.

In the symptoms of dis-ease is enclosed an evolutionary impulse awaiting to proceed your liberation, it is accessible in the felt sense of present experience. This evolutionary impulse is the key to liberate the pure energy of your soul, beyond the limitations of your human self.

Realizing your Self as Spirit having a human experience is fundamental to your personal evolution but as well to our human specie evolution. Your healing and awakening participates to the healing of All on Earth because we are all connected.

In-Depth Healing and awakening is a mean to embody Spirit into matter, to realize the greater Self in human form.

Healing and awakening are two faces of one coin. Healing the past proceeds to a purification of the emotional debris accumulated over a lifetime or beyond. It liberates the pure energy of the soul that has been challenged by events and experience. In fact, such challenges are blessings in disguise, opportunities for the soul to evolve. Awakening is the alignment with the soul self.

Isa Vasanti offers private session as well healing circles in Colorado and New Mexico. Phone and Skype sessions are also available.

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