In your depth is to be found
the Source of All Things

Diving In

In-Depth Healing and Awakening
is an invitation to descend into the depth of your being where all thoughts, emotions and behaviors arise. Within the depth of your being is to be found the source of your dis-ease and the source of your joy.

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Your body is intimately connected to the evolution of your soul. Any dis-ease or life challenge carries the potential of your soul purpose, your truth and ultimately your joy.

You may suffer from depression or anxiety; you may be facing a crisis that is asking you to look deeper into your life patterns; you may have a life threatening disease that is bringing you to the threshold of change, you may be in the middle of a divorce, or perhaps the loss of a loved one is putting your fundamental beliefs into perspective… In any case the need to change is at your door. Your body can become your ally in the midst of chaos even though it may appear to present challenges.


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The Art of Living

When you face difficult events your world may appear shattered into pieces, nonetheless… there is an opportunity disguised in the change that life has brought you. How you respond to the change is detrimental to how your life will thereafter look and feel. Your willingness to embrace the change is your ticket to transformation and to a better sense of existence. If you accept life’s offerings, things are just as they are, and if you don’t accept this, things are still just as they are! There is an art to living, it is about finding and cultivating peace in the midst of change, chaos and mundanity.

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A true healer is someone who sees your greatness and you power. She reflects back to you your inherent capacity to heal yourself. She mirrors who you truly are – a being of light, love and truth. She facilitates your healing by guiding you to transform your false sense of self into your intrinsic truth. She holds space for you to expand your consciousness beyond the limits of your habitual modes of being. She models unconditional acceptance of all parts of you.

Love is the healer. It is in you, it is all around you, it is the greater field in which we live.


Isa Vasanti offers personal In-Depth Healing and Awakening sessions in the Durango, CO, area. Face-to-face sessions (one and half hours to 2 hours) utilize the breath, mindfulness and healing sounds to guide individuals towards healing and awakening. Phone and skype sessions (one hour) utilize mindfulness centered in the body to access the energies that participate in dis-ease and aim their integration into wholeness and health.

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