The journey from the head to the heart

The longest journey you will ever do is the descent from your head to your heart, the journey from who you think you are to who you truly are.

This journey may be long and tenuous as you have accumulated habits in the course of your life. Bruce Lipton said that 95% of our life is unconscious, which means that most of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors are run without awareness. The descent into the heart is a descent into the conscious, into the now, into the authenticity of your being.

A guide may be useful to accompany you in your journey as you travel the many landscapes of your inner world, where you may meet demons and allies, all emerging from your own mind. They are no less than parts of you that have been rejected in the basement of your psyche for lack of acceptance. There, in the depth of your being they continue to nag at you, influencing you in a rather unconscious way.

To successfully arrive in your heart requires the cultivation of kindness and compassion towards disowned parts of yourself. Doing so you become a whole being, conscious of your humanness.
To create a world of peace we must first be at peace within ourselves, we must recognize and accept our humanness.

In the heart we all meet as One. The heart includes and transcends per its capacity to love and accept radically whatever it touches. The heart does not judge, the heart does not reject. The heart kindly accepts, recognizing that we all belong to the same ocean of existence.

Living from the heart we create a world where peace and compassion are the governing forces. Every time we judge another, we are back into the head that divides and conquers. Change can only be ignited within our own self. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

How do we make this journey?

We need to come home to the temple of our senses.
Our bodies know that they belong.
It is our minds that make our life so homeless.
John O’Donohue

How do we make the journey from the mind and its stories about who we are to the radiance that shines in the heart?

We descend in the body, attuning to the many expressions of our human self. We activate the compassion that dwells in the heart towards whatever we witness in the body, feelings and sensations. In this way the mind, the body and the heart are all connected, we are one within the self.

The activation of the heart towards your human experience puts you on the path from the head that judges and divides to the heart that includes and transcends.

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