From 3rd dimension to 5th dimension: the tunnel of the the 4th

In the 3rd dimension we have been living
In the 5th we are destined to evolve
In the between, a long tunnel of darkness,
The subconscious that lives in the basement of your psyche
The 4th dimension.

At this stage of human evolution, we must do the work of transformation, we must move through the eye of the needle – from unconscious to conscious. Hopefully the children of our children will come into a world that is already transformed and won’t have to go through the motions of transformation as we must. We are the ones we have been waiting for. As our emotional body and heart transform, the time we spend in the transformation process will shorten to finally collapse.

The process of transformation

In the tunnel of the 4th dimension are to be met the demons that live in your own mind. At first, when still lost in a separated and dualistic reality where exist an inner and an outer, they seem very real. They rage and whale until they are met with friendliness.  In fact they are only wanting your attention. When they are received with compassion, they are included and as so transcended.

7 steps process:

  1. Turn your gaze within

  2. Notice what you are experiencing

  3. Allow it to be as it is – Acceptance

  4. Inquire into your experience

    what are the qualities of your experience? funnel down the gestalt of your experience

  5. Receive your experience

  6. Let it dissolve into your body mind heart

  7. Become one with it.

The 7 steps describe a deepening of the process of transformation which can be put in parallel with the 7 chakras system: we enter in the body through the first chakra and dissolve into oneness through the gate of the crown. Depending on where you are at in your personal development, one specific step will resonate more with you and can, by itself, constitute your main gate into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

The 4th step can be bypassed. It is the place of the human heart, the investigation into the past, the layers of imprints in the different bodies. There comes a time when you do not need to dig into your old conditionings and beliefs, you are able to let them go as soon as they appear, knowing that they are embedded in the illusion of separation. The emotional body, at one point, lets go of its grip onto your consciousness and linear time dissolves back into the ever lasting present.

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