Isa Vasanti

Isa Vasanti

Midwife of the soul

Using the body as the temple of the soul Isa guides individuals back to the source from where all manifestations arise.  With relentless compassion and strength, she guides you towards the realization of your truth and the expression of your gifts.  

Isa Vasanti was born in Belgium where she spent the 27 first years of her life. The first part of her life was driven by the quest Who Am I?  As early as she started to think, questions filled her mind on the nature of Self and the art of being. In her teenage years she was driven by the words of Socrates “Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods”. She searched for answers in the field of psychology for never being fully satisfied with her studies.  After achieving her Degree in Psychology  and working with drug abusers in a general hospital in Belgium, she moved to India to discover the missing pieces of her quest.

In India, she lived and worked in ashrams (spiritual communities) to practice various forms of meditation  for 7 years, including Vipassana meditation and the diverse active meditations taught by Osho. The teachings of Osho guided her toward the liberation of the countless blockages she accumulated in her european up bringing. Her search finally found an end when she discovered and practiced the Self Inquiry method as taught by Ramana Maharshi. She then realized the nature of Self as pure consciousness. The silence of the mind became her essential truth – when the mind stops the ego disappears.

In 2005, Isa moved to the United States to raise her two young children. Following her spiritual realization, the great task was now to actualize it and fully weave it in the fabric of her life. Motherhood brought her on the path of devotion and embodiment – descending fully in her body became her moment to moment intention. The life of a mother necessarily includes the fluctuations of the body with its myriad of feelings and emotions.  Beside pure consciousness as the nature of self,  the energy that moves as life’s fluctuations was now acknowledged. Reconciling stillness and movement became Isa’s impetus. In order to realize the ever present and accessible communion between consciousness (Shiva)  and energy (Shakti) she turned her interest toward various embodiment modalities including the Hakomi method, Breathwork and conscious movement practices.

Today Isa Vasanti shares her passion for transformation with others, guiding people in the acknowledgement and integration of the multitude aspects of self, guiding people towards wholeness and authenticity.

Isa Vasanti offers individual In-Depth Healing and Awakening sessions as well group circles in Colorado and New Mexico .
Her kind and loving presence will guide you into recognizing, allowing and exploring the multidimensional energies moving in your body encouraging their free flow for integration to occur.