Adam’s relationship with women

Lilith was the first wife of Adam; she was created equal to him at the time of Genesis. Like him she was filled with the sacred power of creation, like him, she wanted to be on the top. Quickly conflicts arose between them as they were both controlled by a dominion complex. In those mythologic times, duality was prevalent in the consciousness of all and meant power-over.

Adam and Lilith were two dragons, the red and the blue, dancing a fight in the cauldron of creation. Adam, with his greater physical force, pushed her out of the garden of Eden. Eve was soon to be created, out of Adam’s rib. Her submissive nature shall allow righteousness in the patriarchal world…

But in the garden existed the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Somehow Eve could not obeyed God’s order and ate the apple, sharing some with Adam. And thus, both of them got expulsed as well from the garden, now in touch with the expressions of evil and darkness.

Adam, Eve and Lilith are all wanting to come home to the garden.

Adam’s natural masculine tendency for dominion perverted his relationship with women. Breathing in a patriarchal earthly field, his ways would necessarily win over Lilith’s.

Today we are at a crossroad. Mama Earth has changed her calibration and is challenging us to adjust and conform. We are defied by our mind still filled with past habits and conditionings.

Yet the question has been raised: what needs to happen to bring peace on Earth?

Gaia has been abused as much as women have, the feminine has been battled down. Her fierce nature adjudicated as too wild for the orders of the controlled structure. In the dualistic reality, in which we have dwelt, the feminine and the masculine are opposite forces… they are in a dual… one will necessarily be beaten down.

The earth has entered another dimension and we can too. With presence and awareness, we may recognize our obsolete tendencies for control and power-over.

Before the many, there are the two and before the two is the One – Unity. Oneness is the ultimate truth many have talked about. The Tao symbol represents this clearly with the yin and the yang dancing together in the matrix of the circle. The little white and black dots appearing respectively in the yin and the yang show us that we all carry the syndrome of the opposite within ourselves. They represent the black spots in our psyche, the subconscious aspects we do not accept in ourselves and so project and condemn in other people.

Perhaps Adam was himself able to be submissive, may he had known that perhaps he would have accepted Lilith’s dominion. Thus they can dance in harmony beyond time and space, enjoying each other’s force in different scenarios. But during those mythologic time, Adam was not ready to see and accept his femininity… Is he today?

Men, we need you as much as you need us. This world will not continue to turn without you or us. Collaboration is of the matter. Let’s meet in wholeness, recognizing our mistakes, our shortcomings as well our respective power. Let us admit that we share our humanness. Our bodies are different, our mind may function differently, yet let’s contemplate our differences at the source of creation. Let see this together and make love with respect, honoring each other. And thus we create a New Earth where peace is of the matter.

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