Changing the world from within

Changing the world from within

Our world has gone astray… We are all able to recognize the facts at this time of history. And we all know that change is ahead; change must be to restore a certain equilibrium on Earth. Yet do we know what needs to happen? And more so how to create the change? Obviously, there are many ways we can all participate.

Nonetheless, at the core of the disaster is a lie… an ignorance we have perpetuated for many generations: a false sense of separation. Not only we have believed in the apparent separation between the many manifested forms, more so we have separated our mind from our body, living as egos marching on a planet we have as well disowned.

Quantum science has now demonstrated that we are living in a reflected reality. We are always connected to the field in which we dwell. The outer world reflects our inner reality and vice versa. As per how our external reality is framed and flowing, we can learn about our conscious and unconscious beliefs. Through the mirror of our lives, we have the opportunity to evolve not only as individual entities but as well as a collective organism in search of peace and balance.

To restore harmony in our world, we must start with ourselves. By connecting mind and body and including the 4 levels of our human experience (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) we become embodied and self-aware. There are many great prizes to win from such practice, such as self-knowledge, self-regulation, healing, collaboration and ultimately enlightenment.

We have been habituated to live in our heads. Indoctrinated solely by logic and rationality, we suppress our emotions, deny fears and conflicts our conscious mind cannot bear, and pretend all is fine and alright. Is it really? Do you really believe that those suppressed or denied emotions disappear for good? And what about those buttons that some people in your entourage seem so apt to push, making you jump out of your chair, yell at your neighbor or criticize the way your spouse does the dishes?

Unresolved emotions do not leave you. They stay within your system until you are ready to deal with them. Existence will give you many opportunities to do so – every time you are triggered in some way, there is, in fact, an opportunity laying in front of you to resolve the past and create a better future.

The unresolved emotions of the past are carried in the present. You replay your history over and over with different actors until you become aware of what lays in your depth, in your subconscious mind. Once you touch the root cause of a dis-ease, may it be an illness, a relational conflict or the inadequacy to realize your dreams, you also contact its potential resolution.

In ordinary consciousness, unconscious patterns can be accessed through the body. You must decide to leave the righteousness of your thoughts for a moment… or two. In the body, they remain as a ball of energy spiraling onto itself and thus creating a vortex of dis-ease. Such vortex attracts the likes: events and actors that potentially could help your nervous system to return to equilibrium.

Inherent to human life is an organicity principle. It recognizes that living systems, such as people, are creative, self-organizing, and self-directed.

Once you attune to the contracted energy present in the body and cultivate an attitude of curiosity and acceptance, the ball of energy starts to unwind and ultimately liberates the evolutionary impulse that has been contained in the vortex. The energy locked in the contraction begins to flow again. Finally, you return to equilibrium.

Imagine a world where its inhabitants are self-aware and take full responsibility for their feelings, their shortcoming, their misconduct… In such a world, the dialogue is open between people who eventually are in conflict. Each recognizes their part without blaming or shaming the other, they collaborate in the satisfaction of their respective needs. They cooperate for the benefit of all as they perceive their inter-dependence and connectivity.

Such a world exists as a possibility on Earth. It requires the conscious choice to turn our attention within, to see that when we point one finger at another person, three fingers point to ourselves.

It will take all of us to change the social and psychological structures of our world until at least we reach the critical mass of the 100th monkey supposed to propel us all in a new established way of being.

Are you still following the old paradigm embedded in the illusion of separation? Are you asking “them” to change or waiting for “them” to change? Or do you choose to consciously participate? Self-awareness is the key, yet it is an awareness that surpasses the stories you tell about why you are right to be against your neighbor or the president. Change at a collective level includes the healing of our personal selves because we are all connected. Healing the past goes hand in hand with awakening to the possibilities of a better future.

The new paradigm of power is power-with. Together, we create a better world based on collaboration, cooperation and ultimately compassion.

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  1. While I welcome this in theory it is much harder to put into practice. And while I realize for each person to reach that goal it may be a different path and different methods, it is frustrating because it seem like shadowboxing in the dark most of the time. There is no clear cut path, no set of directions, and I am always asking myself – “Where is the line?” Where is the line in putting myself or someone else first, where is the line of how much I should put up with from someone who says they love me but their actions don’t back up their words and I’m wondering if my own actions don’t back up my very same words, where is the line of how much I should give of myself to others? Where is the line in terms of how much of a reflection everyone who comes into our path is of ourselves? And as much as I read on topics of this nature I never seem to meet anyone in person who is of like mind.

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