Conflict between women and men, a power mandate.

In the consciousness of many, it seems there is a war between genders – as if men and women were so very different and thus unable to agree and live in harmony with each other. They have been implicitly fighting for eons. In the 15e and 16e centuries many women, wise women, healers, mothers, teachers and the alike were killed in the absurd social play of “Witches hunt”. Women were burnt or cruelly dismembered, under the heresy of being the partner of the Devil! Manipulation of reality. A way for the men of the Inquisition to disown their own satanic impulses. Obviously men were afraid of the evil forces, and according to the consciousness of their time, they attempted to control it out there, in the other gender, in women, appearing wild and free as the devil could be. The abnegation of feminine power as of the time.

Women slowly integrated the idea that something is inherently wrong with their wild beauty, their free spirit as well with their feminine wisdom, a wisdom connected to the natural world. The most powerful among them hid, while the highly influenceable got shamed of who they were. Obviously great fear was hovering feminine consciousness. Obeying became the mandate; feminine survival depended on following the masculine laws.

The happenings and consciousness of the past have dramatically influenced how women identify themselves until today.

Nowadays, as the feminine is rising, women are meeting men in their power – they literally rise from their deathbed, climbing on a ladder from the slumber of being loathed. Lilith, the first woman created equal to Adam was rejected from the garden of Eden. God created another woman from Adam’s rib. Eve, the submissive wife.

As they claim their power back, women have to face the old conditioning of patriarchy. They must be heard, and they must present themselves as equal to men. When power is still conceived as power-over, women rise in power over men, they express their rage and vindicate their rights to be as worthy as men… equal to men.

Are they really equal to men?
Aren’t men and women almost two different species?
The feminine thinks, feels and acts differently than the masculine.

Is the play of our contemporary heroine to be fighting with men? Is it about meeting men where they are at, in a game of power-over?

At this time of affairs, we need to change the game.
Women need to rise in their real power: power-with versus power-over.

The feminine is collaboration, cooperation, love, inclusion, and embrace. Her power can be fierce yet in her purest form it is embedded in the compassion of the Mother.

In his highest expression, the masculine is skillful means: focus, concentration, and stillness. The masculine has the power to watch, to witness and to remain unraveled in the midst of chaos. The masculine is static while the feminine is dynamic. Two complementary forces (rather than opposed) as the yin and yang are both parts of the Tao.

Recognizing and honoring our differences we may rise above conflict, we may realize that our respective qualities are in favor of creating harmony on Earth, with each other, and within ourselves.

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