Cultivating Oneness – a shift in consciousness

A shift of consciousness is happening on planet Earth, we all have heard it!
What does it mean and how can we participate in this shift remains the question we shall all answer. If we want to make a difference, we must cultivate our answer at an experiential level rather than just intellectualizing it, shifting from a mental approach to a somatic felt sense of our truth.

In the mind lives duality: there is what I like and what I don’t like; what I judge as good and what I condemn as bad; there is what is acceptable and what is not. When we judge and reject something for being displeasing, we create a negative feeling within ourselves that becomes our state of being, an inner contraction coming from pushing out of our loving heart that thing, person or behavior that we do not like. In our polarized state of mind we create separation.

What if that basic classification of reality as good or evil was only the result of our mode of perception based on our beliefs? Science, with Bruce Lipton, has now demonstrated the observer effect: there is no reality distinct from the consciousness of the observer – without consciousness there is no reality. When our consciousness is based in duality, we approach the world from a polarized state of mind.

Nevertheless beyond duality exists unity – where the opposites are one. There is light and there is darkness. Yet darkness is the absence of light, bring light into the darkness and it disappears.  Light hems in the apparent duality of light and shadow. Another expression of light is love, light and love are two manifestations of the same aspect: light is the consciousness and love is the force.

Applying love and light onto the dichotomous forces of good and evil revokes the opposition – only love remains.

The shift in consciousness available to all of us resides in our ability to move from a polarized state of mind to a heartfelt approach to life. In the purity of our heart, unaffected by circumstances is to be found unconditional love; when we approach life from our analytical mind we inevitably fall into duality. Duality will remain – for as long as we have two brain hemispheres! Nonetheless the capacity of our prefrontal cortex is continuing to evolve. Expanding our state of mind from a judging perspective to an over encompassing perspective enables us to jump into the next level of human evolution.

By witnessing and accepting things as they are rather than judging them allows us to find peace in the midst of chaos and difficulty, it grants us to remain poised and alert rather than reacting to what is. We there found ourselves in the upper level of the pyramid of consciousness, on the top of the mountain where the temple of Grace is established and where the eagle soars looking at the different colors of our land in one and unique sight.

In the temple lives the unique force of love, down on the Earth, at the level of our human thoughts, feelings and emotions are the dichotic forces: good or evil in other words love or fear. We can see the landscape of our humanness from the sacred temple of our undifferentiated and unified, pure, consciousness.

How do we do it?
How do we shift our consciousness so that we actively participate in the change available to us? How do we move from intellectualization to experience? We undeniably need to descend into our experiential felt sense, the living human experience in the body. We recognize it and name it. Then we allow our felt experience to be as it is by offering it our friendly attitude. Unconditional acceptance is a loving attitude towards what we are experiencing in the now, we include our experience whatsoever without reacting to it with judgement of like and dislike. Vigilance is needed regarding our old tendency to spin a mental story onto our experiential felt sense, because precisely the story will bring us back to our head. Staying with the experience as it is at the physical level of our sensations, accepting them with a friendly attitude grants us to expand our consciousness including all there is as it is.

This process comes down to reconnecting mind, body and heart and can be done in every moment by putting our attention onto the body, or the breath, the energy moving within. This practice revolutionize our mind from a state of “filled with thoughts”(“the ego is a bundle of thoughts” tells us Ramana Maharishi) to a state of mindfulness (bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment) and acceptance. Mindfulness becomes the path of evolution and unconditional acceptance is the agent of our own revolution.

Turning our attention within and including within our heart the energies moving in our body bestows the shift in consciousness currently happening. Today, however, it remains an invitation until the 100th monkey is reached transforming human consciousness at large. We have the choice to consciously cultivate the change and actively participate in the shift, as Gandhi said it “be the change you want to see in the world”.


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