The Dance between embodiment and enlightenment

March 12, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Studio 10 at the Smiley Building
1309 E 3rd Ave
Durango, CO 81301
pre-sale: $35, at the door $40
Isa Vasanti
The Dance between embodiment and enlightenment @ Studio 10 at the Smiley Building | Durango | Colorado | United States

The geese are back, for-telling the coming of Spring!
After spending the winter months in the spirit of Bear, hibernating and dreaming, is awakening the desire to dance and embody the emergence of the new.

Join us to celebrate the renewal of life through your authentic dance! Embody your spirit in the Earth of your body, the Water of your feelings, the Fire of your movements, the Air of your clear perception.
Your body is the Vehicle of the divine impulse of creation. When you bring loving attention to the body you become conscious of the creative life force moving within yourself as your Self – your authentic and true Self.

Sunday March 12th is not only Day Light Saving day but also an auspicious full moon in Virgo.

In this workshop you will explore the divine union between the feminine and the masculine in an embodied experience of movement. The masculine principle is the structure that holds space for the ecstatic unfoldment of the feminine principle – flow and creativity.
They are both present in each one of us at different level of expression. Their conscious integration allows us to walk on Earth with harmony and purpose.

Come if you are inspired to explore the dance of embodiment and enlightenment!

At Studio 10 (Smiley building, Durango, CO)

online ticket $30 (http://indepthhealingandawakening.com/donate/)
at the door $35

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