Awakening dance

January 12, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Move! Studio
Isa Vasanti
Awakening dance @ Move!  Studio

Awakening Dance is an invitation to descend in the body, away from the mind that thinks too much! Well the mind is our ally, no doubt about that! However sometime it is good to take a break from it and to remember we have a body to enjoy life!

Through our dance we can discover our authenticity of being, bringing that intention in our movements, we may discover a self that is far different from who we think we are… simply inquiring with curiosity in the flow of our body.

The invitation is always for you to let your body move as it wants to, to listen to your body guiding you in your expression rather than judging your dance. To realize such you are invited to turn your gaze within, at least at the beginning of the class, to tune with your feelings and sensations in the here and now. Once your body is flying by itself, taking you into the abyss of ecstasy, you know you are here, free, and there you can enjoy eventually connecting with other dancers, taking your inquiry into the level of relating with others.

Life is no less than a permanent opportunity to discover who you are truly. Your body is no less than the vehicle of your experience, seen as such you might realize the freedom that is awaiting in the expression of your authentic self!

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