Emergence – Weekend retreat – April 29th and 30th

April 29, 2017 @ 10:00 am – April 30, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Silver Yurt in Bayfield, CO
800 Heartwood Ln
Bayfield, CO 81122
Suggested donation $135-$175
Isa Vasanti
Emergence - Weekend retreat - April 29th and 30th @ Silver Yurt in Bayfield, CO | Bayfield | Colorado | United States

The time has come for the Bears to emerge out of their den, for the Butterflies to emerge out of their chrysalis and for You to emerge out of the slumber of winter. In the spring we emerge like a dream coming into reality, like new life sprouting out of the Earth.

Join us for a weekend of emergence, shaking off the winter, connecting with the radiance of new life awaiting to rise within you, manifesting into being the dreams you have woven during the winter months.

Through breathwork, mindfulness centered in the body, guided meditation, journeying, movements and chants you are invited to connect and express your authentic Self in the loving presence of others. Honoring your body as your precious vehicle for this lifetime and honoring your Self as a light being connected to the greater Matrix of Intelligence through your heart.

Your authenticity of being is never far, just a breath away, a contraction away, the release of a thought away. Your true Self is to be found in the present moment when your beliefs and ideas about who you are fall away. During this retreat weekend you will explore the true expression of your creativity as well as the obstacles and limitations ready to be released.

Isa Vasanti, Midwife of the soul, guides individuals back to the source from where all manifestations arise. With relentless compassion and strength, she will guide you towards the realization of your truth and the expression of your gifts.

Accommodations are available at Heartwood for people desiring to spend the night on site.

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