Power of Breath

March 29, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Yoga Durango
1485 Florida Rd Building C
Suite #201, Durango
CO 81301
Yoga Durango
(970) 769-6875

Your breath holds tremendous untapped potential! Not only it can serve you in every chosen moment of your life to regulate your nervous system, but it can also expand your mind to uncharted territory where your greatest potential resides.

Transformational Breath is a self-healing modality based on a conscious and connected breathing system, working on all levels of the human condition:
– physical level: circular diaphragmatic breathing detoxifies the body and improves energy level;
– mental level: clears limiting beliefs;
– emotional level: accesses and integrates unresolved emotions; trauma healing;
– spiritual level: expands consciousness to the vast reality of the Self and connects the breather to the Source.

Join us to
– discover how your breathing pattern has limited your full expression and creativity
– learn to use your entire respiratory system (most of us use only 25% of our breathing capacity)
– learn how to use your breath to access non-ordinary states of consciousness where healing and awakening happens
– travel your inner landscapes (subconscious lower and higher mind)
– raise your vibration and increase your well-being on all levels of existence.

Bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a pillow for the breathing session.

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