Samhain Medicine Circle

October 29, 2017 all-day
Silver yurt
CO 81122
Isa Vasanti
Samhain Medicine Circle @ Silver yurt | Bayfield | Colorado | United States

After the Fall Equinox,
In the darkness we return,
wandering our way back to the Great Womb of Creation.

Everything that is born comes from the dark: the fetus develops in the darkness of the womb, the butterfly goes through its metamorphosis in the darkness of the chrysalis; the lotus rises from the depth of the mud…

In each and every moment we may return, letting go of the apparent reality shining brightly through our senses, as in the fall and winter seasons, the Earth returns to the zero point, preparing herself for the renewal.

Samhain invites us to befriend the darkness by trusting its creative potential.

As we are part of the Earth fabrication, we let go of the old, shedding the skin that has passed its time, dying to the obsolete. We make space for the metamorphosis to happen. We disappear to be reborn…

Yet there is something that never dies even when the fatal death of the body strikes.
That, we recognize and dwell into.
That, which survives the storm as it is its eye.
That, which guides us in the dark.
Awareness, in its purest expression.

And when consciousness is coupled with love – your yes, your radical acceptance and universal friendliness – in unity they become the vehicle of your journeying in the various landscapes of life. Together, consciousness and love create a pathway of evolution where everything is accepted as it is, all is included and therefore transcended.

Back to Onenness.
Always we can retrun.

Suggested donation; $50
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