Surrender, A 3-day Shamanic Retreat

September 27, 2019 – September 29, 2019 all-day
Silver Yurt
Heartwood community
$345 before 09/15; $395 thereafter
Isa Vasanti
Surrender, A 3-day Shamanic Retreat @ Silver Yurt
Surrender has many gifts for you. When you stop the fight and allow what is to be as it is, a door opens to the vastness of Self where love reigns.
In Sanskrit traditions, there is love and there is fear. When fear gets you, you contract into an armor, attempting to protect and defend yourself against what you perceive as dangerous or threatening for your happiness and well being.
All ancient traditions speak of an Intelligence far greater than our individual mind, a Perfection in which we can abide and return home. A thousand names have been given to That. In our surrender, an invisible Matrix or Net of Light is always there to receive us. In parallel, within the self is an ability to receive our wounds just like we receive our joy. As within, so without. As above so below.
Accepting rather than resisting, and inviting the demon for tea. In our reflective reality, what is perceived out there is a projection of our inner world. Collaborating with our darkness, we come to inner peace and create peace on Earth.
In this 3-day retreat, you will discover who you are beyond the limitations of your thinking mind, beyond the beliefs that shape your personality, and beyond the predicaments of your life. You will experience a new way of being embedded in the feminine wisdom of healing and enlightenment, where attunement and compassion are keys.
Through shamanic practices as breathwork, incubation, and inner journeys, you will travel beyond the veil of ordinary reality to touch upon an expended reality where the true Self abides in trust and love.
The retreat will happen in the Silver Yurt surrounded by magical Nature in the Southwest of Colorado. There are a few guest rooms available on site ($50/night) and many possibilities for camping.
We will gather on Friday evening and close our circle on Sunday around noon. We will do a sacred ceremony on Saturday evening to guide you in the ultimate experience of mind-opening and enlightenment.
Call Isa for more info at 970-317-5379
Let what comes come.
Let what goes go.
Find out what remains.
― Ramana Maharshi

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