Transform with the Medicine of your Breath

April 4, 2020 all-day
Silver yurt
Heartwood co-housing
800 heartwood lane. Bayfield 81122
Transform with the Medicine of your Breath @ Silver yurt

Transform yourself with the Medicine of your Breath!
Your breath is an amazing tool, holding tremendous power of transformation!

Transformational Breath is a impressive healing and awakening modality based on a circular diaphragmatic breathing system. It works on the three levels of your human system:
– physical: detoxify the body and enhance your energy level
– emotional/mental: access old beliefs and unresolved emotions locked in the body and transform their energetic imprints at the cellular level
– spiritual: access higher level of consciousness where your soul purpose can be actualized.

In this one-day workshop, you will
– learn and experience the dialectic of this cutting-edge modality (two breath sessions)
– reclaim your power through your voice,
– unwind your body with dance,
– express your authenticity in sharing circle and
– connect with the Invisible Layers of Truth.

Take this opportunity to renew your body and connect with the codes of your soul!

Please RSVP, space is limited.
Bring a pad and a blanket for your comfort.

Get ready for a powerful day of transformation!

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