Healing and awakening happens in Kairos time

The Greeks had two different words to define time:
– Chronos: the linear, quantitative and measurable time that passes seconds after seconds to years after years;
– Kairos: the qualitative time of the now, the Other realm of God consciousness; it is made of moments, when linear time stops for you to enter the realm of pure presence.

It is in Kairos that healing happens, only in the now, even though the traumas that we heal are part of the past. In fact it is not the trauma itself that is attended to but rather the residues that it spurred in the present time, as feelings, emotions, sensations and reactions (symptoms) present in the body. By attuning to the body, you can hear and feel the remains of the past; accepting them as they are, you allow the energy to move again according to the law of resolution and evolution that is inherent to the human system. A stuck energy is only awaiting for your presence to resume its natural movement.

The facts of the past will never change. However the story you tell about it will change when your attitude and your feelings towards the past event change.

Awakening too happens in the now only, in Kairos time. Who you truly are can not be defined by your past, only the limited self or ego is. Your authentic Self is far larger than who you think you are, it is beyond your onward thinking mind. In Chronos time you are constantly running after time, attempting to grasp a future that only exists in your mind, or again unconsciously repeating the past that is far gone. When you stop for a moment, take a breath, feel what is alive within yourself, attune to your feelings and sensations right here and now, you enter through the portal of Kairos where Presence is your flambeau. Sat-chit-ananda / existence-consciousness-bliss is Presence, soft and gentle or fierce and intense.

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