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Accessing the subconscious, and the root cause of dis-ease, in the body

The subconscious mind is like a reservoir filled with unprocessed emotions, old beliefs and archetypes. It is the unconscious material that influences feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts and actions. It can be accessed in the body, through direct felt experience.

The unresolved emotions contained in the subconscious are often associated with past traumatic experiences, or deeply disturbing events. The nervous system has been looping in an arousal state since the traumatic event, manifesting in present time as if stuck in unfinished business.

For well being to be restored, the neurological response needs to be accessed and completed. It can only happen in the body as “the rational part of the brain is basically impotent to talk the emotional brain out of its own reality” (Bessel Van der Kolk, 2015).

The cognitive mind is eventually able to retell a traumatic event yet for healing to truly happen the experience needs to be accessed in the body, where it is locked as an incomplete response.

The key of completion is in the body, it is embedded in the residual energy of a traumatic experience alive in present time. Deepening into the physical sensations, naming and identifying the felt experience is the beginning of healing. Furthermore, accessing the impulse locked in the symptom allows the process to complete and restores psycho-neurological harmony.

Turn your attention within to connect mind and body.
Listen to the wisdom of the now, in your direct felt experience.
Unlock the keys of your healing and awakening.


Isa Vasanti uses various techniques and modalities to help you heal the past and access your soul codes. Those include Somatic Inquiry (click here to read about it), breathwork (Transformational Breath – click here to read about it), shamanic healing, dream work and archetypal transformation.

With her 20+ years of experience in healing and meditation practices, she guides you in a process of transformation embedded in loving kindness. Beside her many tools, compassion is her main asset to accompany you in your healing and awakening journey, a journey of embodiment of soul into matter.

Private retreat in the heart of the woods: dive into the fullness of yourself during a three days retreat and unravel the many patterns held in your body mind. Take this unique opportunity to discover your true potential! Contact us for more info!

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