In-Depth Healing and Awakening Session

In-Depth Healing and Awakening is a transformative modality based on the premise that the subconscious mind lives in the body. It utilizes mindfulness centered in the body to access subconscious material and bring to light the unrevealed aspects of yourself.

The body is our home and vehicle for this lifetime. In its solid form it can retain the energies of experiences we come in contact with throughout our lives. Some experiences are difficult for us to process and integrate and are getting stored in the body until we are ready to give them the space and attention they deserve. They consist of what Eckart Tolle calls the Pain Body. Pain is a form of resistance to what is; it can manifest as some form of judgment and negativity.

When years pass without attending to those energies they solidify in the body and eventually create emotional or physical illnesses.

This is the subttil way for the soul to evolve! When we are in pain something is calling for our attention. We are indirectly asked to pay attention, accept, listen and include that suffering part of ourselves. This is a difficult task to master as, by nature, those hidden aspects are not appreciated.

In-Depth Healing and Awakening is a two fold process intermingled into one.

In a session you will be guided to attune your attention to the feelings and sensations present in your body. Feelings inform your consciousness of what is alive in the moment, as moving energy rather than a story disclosed in the mind. Sensations are the distilled form of emotions and thoughts. They necessit a descent into the depth of your being, beyond the ordinary consciousness.
The mind is like an iceberg – there is the visible part of the iceberg, your conscious mind made of thoughts and emotions; and there is the invisible part submerged in water, the subconscious mind containing past experiences (some of them traumatic) and beliefs constituting the core of your identity and personality. True healing happens in the depth of your being and involves transforming your core beliefs. In-depth healing guides you into your awakening beyond the limits of your ego (who you think you are and who you were programmed to be).

When you descend into your body by accessing your felt sense, you create a connection between your mind and your body. Your mind listen and watch. The messages held in your body are therefore available to your awareness. The aspects of yourself that were kept secret for so long reveal themselves and offer an unique opportunity for healing through unconditional acceptance.


The body holds a specific wisdom to one’s needs and personal system. In-Depth Healing and Awakening will guide you to hear your own inner wisdom by connecting with what is alive in the now. The present moment holds the keys to unlock your past and your becoming!

We are Creatures of Habit

We can certainly live our entire life without conscious awareness of the core mechanisms and beliefs at the source of our behaviors and emotions, those programs run unconsciously. Nevertheless they eventually create suffering as they are not an authentic response to our current experience but rather a unconscious reaction that have been programmed in the past. To be authentic is to be fully present to what is alive now – it requires conscious attention and choice.


Find Your Inner Wisdom

Healing and Awakening are two faces of the same coin.

Healing consists of integrating the suppressed and/or denied parts of ourselves. Awakening is the enlivenment of one’s authentic Self that rises from self knowledge and self love.

The body holds a wisdom that is very specific to one’s own needs and personal system. In-Depth Healing and Awakening will guide you in hearing your own inner wisdom by connecting with what is alive in the present moment.

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