In-Depth Transformation

With Isa Vasanti

Isa Vasanti combines breathwork (Transformational Breath®) and mindfulness centered in the body (Hakomi). This process facilitates awareness of the egoic armor which lives in the body as the subconscious, the part of the mind that is hidden and therefore separated from the conscious mind.

Circular breathing activates the energetic movement within the body, rendering the egoic somatic structure clear and obvious. The breath is the vehicle of the soul and the manifestation of Spirit within the form. When free, full and flowing, the breath promotes within the body the revelation of the primordial energy as pure energetic lifeforce.

Eventually, the high energy flow created by the activation of the breath bounces against the rigid structure of the egoic self. The pain and tensions experienced are parts of the configuration of the ego-mind, made of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions embedded in the past. Revealed, they can be transformed.

In the felt sense of the body, emotions, which contain the imprints of the past, can be accessed and released. Seen and processed, leeway is open for the inspiration of the new.

In the body lives the lower mind as well as the higher mind; in the heart you can intuit the wisdom of the soul when it is cleansed and purified from past sufferings and consequential strategies.

The codes of the soul are the codes of your true essence.

Learning to hear and decode the messages in the body and the heart constitute the footsteps of In-Depth Healing.


Isa uses various techniques and modalities to help you heal the past and embody your soul into matter, including Somatic Inquiry, breathwork (Transformational Breath ), shamanic healing, dream work and archetypal transformation.

With her 20+ years of experience in healing and spiritual practices, she guides you in a process of transformation embedded in loving kindness. She holds a safe space for vulnerability to open the wounds of the past and hopes for the future.

Beside the many tools, compassion remains the healer, it lives within yourself. Ultimately, In-Depth healing is the awakening of self compassion which allows the integration of all parts of yourself into wholeness. Radical acceptance replaces shame and victimhood, transforming your identity by revealing the core of who you are.

When compassion for self is true and authentic, it naturally expands to others, granting harmonious relationships, and furthermore peace in the world.

Connect mind and body by turning your attention within;
Breathe your soul into being;
Unlock the keys of your healing and awakening.

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