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Isa Vasanti is available for Shamanic healing session as a precursor to Somatic psychotherapy. The shamanic practitioner travels other dimensions of reality to gather knowledge about the dis-ease of an ego structure. Healing is often performed by the client’s spirit allies.
It is advised to integrate such healing in the body and consciousness through Somatic psychotherapy.
In ordinary reality, the healing practitioner becomes a therapist, a guide in the journey of embodiment of soul into matter.

Accessing the subconscious in the body.

The subconscious mind is like a reservoir filled with unprocessed emotions, old beliefs and archetypes. It is the unconscious material that influences feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts and actions. It can be accessed in the body, through direct felt experience. Many of the beliefs stored in the subconscious are obsolete and unfavorable to the actualization of the Self.

The unresolved emotions contained in the subconscious reservoir are associated with past traumatic experience that created an incomplete response in the body. For well being to be complete in the system, any incomplete response needs to find resolution. It can only happen in the body, by returning to the residual energies present in the physical sensations.

The cognitive mind is eventually able to retell a traumatic event yet for healing to truly happen the experience needs to be accessed in the body, where it is locked and looping as an incomplete response.

The key of completion is in the body, embedded in the experience. Deepening in physical sensations, you can access the impulse of evolution that liberates energy and thus heals and awakens.

Turn your attention within to connect mind and body. Listen to the wisdom of the now, in the direct and felt experience. It holds the key of your healing and awakening.


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