In the South, on Fire

When the wheel turns into the South to meet Fire, action is called forth. You manifest your dreams, your thoughts, your intention, your will.

For some the wheel spins fast to propel them into Fire after Air inspired vision. For others, the wheel turns slowly as they linger in the thought process, in the idea, swirling like the wind above the Earth.

Fire is active, energy dancing towards the sky. Ascension.
In the fire you soar and roar, burning yourself, transforming in this very moment.

The Phoenix rises enflamed with passion, celebration and ecstasy. In its dynamic, you consume energy, combusting movement into creative beauty or strict productivity, on a continuum of expression between the feminine and the masculine.

What is your unique gift? What is your unique expression? By igniting the fire within you, you become That. Creation is born by allowing the natural movement of energy.

Yet the shadow may be lurking at you… watching and censuring your clear expression. Shadow makes you believe in a contraction, a smallest, a darkened you. She can be very powerful at placing herself right in front of your natural light, casting a veil on your consciousness. Reality is then confused.
Scared she wants you to be.
Frightened she makes you feel, because she was born from fear -abuse and trauma.

May the veil burn.
May you return to clarity.
May you see with bright eyes.
May you remember who you are,
In the flesh and bones of your energy.

Fly said the Phoenix, elevate your self from the mundane mud!
You are one of a kind, your life must be worth. It is your duty to create, it starts within yourself.

The fire within you is already present for you are alive. It is your inner light and your life force. Connect with the spark by refining your perception to the simple movement of energy. In contraction the shadow is at play.

How could you possibly change the movement of energy from contraction to expansion? Intention sometime suffices. Other times acceptance and embrace must be first to allow the frightened self to trust again, to feel safe for expression to occur.

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    Gently dive into the infinitesimal of depth, turning your gaze within.

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    Wherever you land, relax first knowing the benevolence of the Universe and the primordial love that exists for all.

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    Attune to that benevolent love as it exists within you as well – no separation truly exists. It is there for you always as you.

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    Invite expansion in your quest, carry the intention of openness as your mental attitude.

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    Let your awareness find the movement of expansion as it is the possibility you are now creating.

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    Feel how it moves, follow the waves spreading from the center of your consciousness.

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    Become one with it

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