Radiance and Humility

On your path to realize your true essence and shine the radiance of the star that you are, trials and errors may be experienced along the way in order to find the sweet spot of shining with humility. The stars shine with great vehemence in the sky, yet their unique and independent light allows for the other stars to be seen too, at the exception of the sun which shines so bright that none of the others can be seen anymore.

Is it your purpose to be like the Sun? Radiating and leading life on Earth, shining your unique wisdom and gifts to particpate in the creation? Yes indeed.

Each star, including the sun, carries her own archetypal energy, her own unique soul encodement. All manifestations in this Universe respond to the same laws regardless of their size and nature. You too carry a specific soul code that is thriving to be expressed in your life.

Your soul code is directly related to the radiance of your Star Self. When your mind is aligned with your soul, your body radiates the light of your soul. The light of your soul is the Star Self.

Yet some of us are destined to be the eagles soaring very close to the sun, while others are nightingales or hens, but all shall only be concerned by shining their own uniqueness. All are parts of the whole are participating in the cosmic game of created manifestation. The hen is no less important than the eagle.

There is a story told about an eaglet who grew up with chickens and thought he was a chicken. A boy found an egg in the forest and brought it to the chicken coop for it to hatch, eager was he to save the life contained in the egg. The hens treated the egg just like their own and soon a little creature hatched. He did not look like a chick, nonetheless, the mama chickens treated him as their own. The eaglet grew up imitating the chickens for he believed he was one of them. He picked the ground for seeds and flew just a few feet above the ground. One day a big bird flew by and all the chickens got scared for their life and ran into their coop. The eaglet was fascinated by this great creature flying with such grace and power. He asked his brothers and sisters what this creature is, they told him “it is an eagle and you must fear it as it could grab you and eat you up. When you see it, run for your life into the coop”.

This story depicts many of our stories in which we are born in a family, a society telling us how to behave and more so telling us who we are. What if we were more magnificent than what we have been told? What if there was a greater potential for you to realize beyond the conditionings and ideas you have received about yourself by others?

The realization of your soul purpose is the ultimate goal of your life, far greater than achieving goals of materialistic nature.

This path consists in bringing the light in the physical and mental vessel that is your vehicle. A body that is dense and so filled with tensions. Each one of them carrying a lineage of conditionings, restrictions and resistance. Each one of them carrying the imprint of fear “no I don’t want, no I don’t like”. Who wants to face that?

Nonetheless the courageous path of awakening implies to face the demons. While facing the demons we may become a dragon – the red or the blue dragon fighting at the source of duality.  The dragon is radiating fierceness, filled with vibrant energy. His heart is righteous and opposed to the other dragon. They are opposite and so, so different. In the game of mirror, each only sees the antipode of who (s)he is.

A game of projection, it is. I and you.

In humility, there is I and You plus Love. Attention to the other(s) knowing we all share the same space, in this precious moment of Now. The attention is no more retracted into the I but rather expanded into the outer. The inner world is henceforth recognized as the source of perception shining the light into the world. It has gone inner purification for the essence of light be passed on without residues from the past.  Awareness has been purified.

Finding the edge between radiance and humility is work of art, the art of being.

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