Returning to the body, a practice for healing and awakening

The body is our home for this lifetime. Even though we are neither the body neither the mind, the body can be utilized for healing and awakening.

There is a current of energy always happening in the body, however, in your ordinary consciousness you are not particularly aware of it as you pay more attention to your thoughts. As soon as you turn your attention to the body shimmering sensations awaken to your awareness, the body becomes alive.

As thus the body can become the vehicle of healing and awakening. By paying attention to how it feels from within a door opens to understand the forces at play in your life. Feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts are different languages of the human system all speaking the truth, hidden or revealed, of the self.

The mind is like an iceberg, made of a visible part and an invisible part submerged in the water. The conscious mind belongs to ordinary consciousness, it takes care of what is prevalent on the surface of life. The subconscious mind on the other hand is filled with beliefs, memories, unfinished experiences and emotions, plus various programmings and conditionings concurring to the automatic functioning of the self. The subconscious mind is like a computer, it’s job is to make sure that all your thoughts and actions fit the program of your self image, how and who you have learned to be.

The authenticity of the Self is also to be found in the hidden corners of the subconscious until it is fully awake.

The subconscious mind lives in the body and can be accessed through physical and emotional sensations. The path of healing and awakening using the body consists in “presencing” your experience as it is, attuning to the quality of sensations alive in the present moment. The body is able to deliver a wisdom that enriches the wisdom eventually found in the mind.

Feeling the body allows you to return to the now. The now is influenced by the past and discloses residues of unresolved emotions. How you organize your experience today is related to how you learned to be in the past. Nonetheless some of your programmings are outdated, they served you well at the time of their onset but today an update may be required for a content and satisfying life!

Healing and awakening are two faces of one coin. Healing is concerned with the past while awakening is related to your becoming.

The individual mind, conscious and subconscious, is part of the human self. Beyond the human self is the spiritual Self, the Self we share with other beings, the Self that connects us all. This greater Self can also be recognized and felt through the body, although not limited to it. By allowing your experience to be as it is and befriending your feelings and resistances, a transcendance of the human self eventually happens. Consciousness expands beyond self limitations when you accept all aspects of your experience unconditionally. Limitations are only resistance and dislike, they cease to be a limitation when their aspect is accepted and thus integrated into wholeness. The process of befriending your experience awakens the heart into the quality of compassion, which is the natural state of the heart; a heart at peace is a compassionate heart.

Once personal experience is taken under the wing of the heart, the heart sends a message of congruity to the mind and the body. A state of coherence is created and one returns to the natural state where peace and love prevail.

This path is a path of receptivity: becoming receptive to the messages carried by the body rather than attempting to control the body with the mind. This is the reflection of a major shift in consciousness happening on Earth, moving from a mind centered approach to life where the mind is in control, dictating how we should feel and act to a more receptive and feminine approach to life where the mind is apprehended as a tool for listening, understanding and transforming. In the old way of being the mind was the master, a separate entity that speaks with “I” and presents itself as the chief director of our life, always ready to defend against “you” if it appears that “you” is a threat to “I”. In a receptive mode of being, the defense mechanisms softens for we come back to the self where all reactions start, we take responsibility for our feelings and recognize that “you and me” are connected and therefore that ultimately “you and I” as two is an illusion. We choose to embrace our oneness at least first in our own body where we reconnect mind body and spirit through the power of compassion that resides in the heart.

Right here, Right now…

Turn your attention within your self

Feel what’s there…


What is here?

What are you experiencing?

Watch the sensations at play in your body




Let the sensations tell you about your experience in this moment

What kind of sensations are there?

How does it feel?

Is it warm or is it cold?

Is it pleasant or is unpleasant?

Gently enter into your sensations, intimately explore them

Let them be as there are, there is nothing to change

Allow… watch… feel…

What is the feeling underneath your sensations?

Is there an emotion? Anger, sadness, grief? Joy, happiness?

Breathe into it

Let it be as it is, there is noting to change

Have you felt this before?

Let the information come from the sensations, from the feeling rather than from your mind

How are you experiencing this emotion in your body?

Is there a reaction to it? A like or dislike?

Let that be as it is

Breathe into it

Gently explore it

Generate an attitude of compassion towards your emotion

Send it the blessing from your heart

Breathe into it with unconditional love

Take your time

Allow it to be with reverence

Bow to it

Notice what happen to the feeling and emotion when you give it the compassion of your heart

This process can be boiled down to 4 steps:

  1. Recognize what you are experiencing
  2. Allow it be as it is
  3. Investigate with intimacy
  4. Cultivate compassion toward it.

Always be gentle with yourself, caring for every sensation, every feeling like a good mother would for her child.


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