Isa draws on a very broad and deep background in both Eastern and Western approaches to healing . She combines these methods in an intuitive way that I found absolutely inspired.
I started working with Isa when I faced overwhelming challenges in my marriage. Thanks to Isa’s compassionate, skilled facilitation, I have greatly strengthened my foundation and gained a strong sense of who I am. At the beginning of my work with Isa, I felt almost unbearable fear of uncertainty about the future. This fear gnawed at me day and night. Now, after having worked with Isa, I am at peace almost all the time. I feel an inner calmness and ability to ride life’s roller coaster with confidence. Such a gift! 
Jonathan R., San Diego, CA
Isa is a soothing and skilled guide for deeper journey work. She gently helped me find resolution and resolve for a very challenging issue in my life.Isa is a compassionate healer, and an astute facilitator – I can’t recommend her enough.Susan T., Bayfield, CO
In our work Isa has been my guide to open places long forgotten in my body. She listens, and lets my experience and intention lead, helping me breathe into and awaken these places. Her work is unique, affirming, and healing.Nancy F., Durango, CO
I had a life changing experience in a session with Isa.
With her expert guidance i uncovered limiting patterns which had been in my lineage for generations. I am no longer limited by them.I highly recommend Isa’s work.
Zita X., Bayfield, CO
One of the many things I loved about Isa’s work is her ability to very easily tune into my body’s thoughts, those hidden stories deep within that kept me from being all that I could be. Through mindfulness and breath work, we were able to bring those up, face them and rewrite the story. Amazing!Gail D., Durango, CO
Isa has helped me connect with my breath in a whole new way. In sessions with her I have been able to release old stuck patterns that have been with me since I was a little child. Breathing is core. My unconscious patterning from childhood created pathways that were so much a part of me that even in all the “work” I have done to release these old patterns over many years I still hadn’t been able to rivet them out. With Isa’s loving care and presence I have been able to simply release. No big drama, just release with the breath. I’m in awe of her ability to know when and what to bring that allows deeper and deeper release. In my daily life I’m more conscious of my breath and the release of these old patterns that do not serve me now have literally made me lighter in my being. I say WOW and I recommend her work highly. Lyn G., Bayfield, CO
Working with Isa has opened a new level of self-awareness, healing, and depth within the body. Combining complimentary techniques, Isa guides one to the deepest available levels of the felt self. I personally experienced immense inner depth and a deep healing while working with her. I continue to implement the tools Isa shared and its nothing short of amazing!
Gunnar B., Pagosa Springs
Isa calls her work healing and awakening , and her work includes opening a doorway into awakening by observing and allowing whatever issues are present right now, in your body, in your emotional field.

I feel that the changes I experienced are first of all possible because of the field of unconditional love she manifests. Feeling that unconditional love and trust made me feel safe to be seen, to reveal aspects of
My personality which I have hidden. There is a serious and very deep aspect to her work, as her own courage and fierce dedication to truth are ever present, and I felt invited to the same.
There is also a playful aspect to her work, an exploration of delight in the senses and the dance of shakti.
Using guided meditations, gazing practices, dancing, voice, she invites us to fearlessly enjoy the arising of whatever is present.
I am deeply grateful to have enjoyed her guidance as I face fears and issues which have existed in my
shadow for many years. Not only has
she guided me into healing issues, but that guidance has led me into the heart of healing, and as the healing opens my heart, I feel an awakening into my own authenticity. I am profoundly grateful and whole heartedly recommend her work!Forrest E., Albuquerque (NM)