In the chamber of Hades

A cave. The walls are dark in the depth of the Earth. No light. Only the quivering rays of hot coals… the fire that burns in the throat of the dragon. In the low vibrational frequency of the Underworld, the breath of Hades floats all around to create the field of death.

When Persephone returns to the Underworld with her heart in resonance, she expands beyond her skin and merges into the Self. One breath in the Womb of Creation. Pneuma unfolding like the infinite spiral of life force.

With the fire crackling as the heartbeat of the Earth, she deepens into lower vibrations, in the home of Lilith and Kali, primordial expressions of the feminine.

Lilith was created by God simultaneously as he created Adam, the first man. They came from the same seed. Synchronously manifesting the essential feminine and the essential masculine, in their purest forms. She was wild; she was fire, earth, water, and air. The power of energy manifested, Shakti.

Shiva, Ether, in his dance with Shakti, is one with her. His presence, still, holds space for Shakti to soar and together they realize the bliss of pure creation, Amrita.

But in their united birth in a Patriarchal field, Lilith and Adam coexisted for the worst and for the best. When the masculine is in supremacy, it creates two as the I of the masculine is omnipotent.

Adam, as well Lilith, wanted to be on the top. In duality consciousness and in a field of masculine superiority, women understand power as power-over as well. There is then a spot to be occupied by one to the detriment of the other. Conflict is of the matter. A war between the genders. There will be a winner and a vanquished.

In such time, Adam would win.
Lilith can not win because in her divine expression the feminine is collaboration and cooperation. In conflict, she can be vanquished, as well as the masculine for that matter assuring the continuity of the eternal dance in the cauldron of creation. He can not win always. Yet in his defeat surges more fighting force. That is when Kali emanates from Durga’s third eye, the great warrior Goddess determined to kill all demons and restore peace on Earth. Kali is the personification of death – in our contemporary ordinary lives, she symbolizes the death of the old and the false for the new to be born. Death is the gateway of rebirth.

We live in great times of change. There is a contemporary toxic man, he is a perpetrator. He abuses his power in a cosmic field where the feminine has risen. His power is now recognized as power over when it has become clear that power with could save us all. Nature has been and continues to be rapped and blasphemed.

When the dove appears, the divine mother appears. Peace, openness, embrace, she welcomes one and all. In her supreme expression, the feminine encompasses all. The feminine expression when she has risen to her highest expression is one of light and love.

But in the charnel ground, she has descended in the depth of her essence, the low vibration of death. Death as the opposite of life. Nonetheless, the charnel ground holds its own beauty. The base and bass of profundity.

In the Underworld, Persephone has chosen to return. She ate the pomegranate seeds and created an alliance with the King of the Underworld, Hades. He promised to make her the Queen in and beyond the field in which she lives. She enjoyed her newly sovereignty. By eating the pomegranate seed, she makes the vow to return. Half of the year she will live with her mother, the goddess of fertility, the other half of the year she reigns in the Underworld. The feminine is expressing her duality: fertility and death — two aspects traveling on the continuum of manifestation. Persephone is a young maiden, a girl Queen of the Underworld, and a daughter to her mother Demeter. Demeter creates life. Creation contains the promise of liberation. When a woman takes the vow of fertility, she rises above the Earth. Persephone and Demeter are two aspects of the feminine, two archetypes we all can discover within ourselves: allowing death and life to mingle in Unity.

Queen of her field, in the abyss of the earth, she is the fire of spirit.

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