Sacred Wound

Emotional wounds are common in this human life. They come from various hurts as feeling rejected on the playground to being abandoned by a parent or caregiver; being humiliated by peers for the apparent deformities of our body or aberrations of our mind; or most detrimental feeling betrayed by those we have naturally given our trust.

The wounds of childhood cause an injury to our innate nature highjacking our instinctive evolution.  The breach of trust that is created in the psyche of the child is carried out into adult life as the foundation of core beliefs.

Our greatness is held tightly in our suffering. An emotional wound, when followed back to its source, is a doorway to our Self realization and as such a wound is sacred.

Chiron, the wounded healer, who was physically wounded and searched far and wide for ways to overcome the pain he had to suffer, was taught compassion for others through attending to his own wound and became a warmhearted teacher of healing. “The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected. Only the wounded physician heals. But when the doctor wears his personality like a coat of armor, he has no effect.” – Carl Jung: Wounded healer of the soul

All psychological wounds can be found in the emotional heart. They take the shape of a contraction and eventually funnel down into an underworld that may appear dark and uninviting. Nonetheless the courageous soul will accept the invitation to dive deep and  by awakening the inner sight notice what is there.

The underworld becomes the womb of all creations, that which carries all souls before and after visiting the mundane world. Floating in the Void you may realize your belonging to the great Matrix of life, there you return home.

Having travelled in such depth, you come back to the surface of existence enriched by a timeless wisdom and a compassion for all sentient beings. You have allowed death to take you far beyond the gate of your own wound, that which has torn you apart.

As such the wounds of the heart become your allies in becoming more compassionate  by fully embracing your humanness which is still embedded in the duality of ease and dis-ease. By including the pains as much as the joys in your human heart, you transcend their apparent opposition and return to wholeness and oneness.

A wound becomes sacred as you give it your loving attention, allowing it to become part of your wholeness in the now, whenever it happens to be reactivated. Attending to the felt sense of emotional pain with friendly attention you come closer to the human condition embedded in duality: life contains joys and pains, suffering and happiness. As you allow yourself to feel the pain, to experience it in your body and in your heart, away from the stories that the mind would like to tell about it, you reach the core of your embodiment and the crux of your suffering.  The core of your being is so far beyond the mundane aspects of your body-mind vessel that you may finally transcend it, and return home.

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