The Silver Wheel

A Map of Consciousness

The Silver Wheel is a consciousness map helping you to orient yourself in the depth of your inner landscape, as it is easy to get lost in the midst of feelings and emotions, physical sensations and more likely thoughts! 

Although in absolute truth you are always here and now, the mind that wanders may run away far in the 4 directions, forgetting its home in the center of All That Is.

In the center of the Silver Wheel, you are still, resting in the the heart. Here you connect with the power of love which is your true nature – pure awareness witnessing with compassion. Looking out to the multidimensional manifestations of your life on the circumference of the wheel, unconditional acceptance is your key of integration opening the door of wholeness.  
Your life in this human form consists of trials and errors tagged along the journey of your spiritual soul evolution. The Silver Wheel guides you to perfect your journey: growing into a mature human being and further expanding your sense of Self to your true and absolute nature.
When you choose to pay attention to your inner landscape, the Silver Wheel is your compass to find home. Following the trajectory of the Moon she is a symbol of introspection and reflection. She turns counterclockwise for she invites a descent into the depth of your being.

Your journey with the Silver Wheel starts in the West where you are greeted by Water. Water invites you into your feelings and your emotions, the first gate of your healing and awakening journey.
 What are you feeling right now? she asks.
For your answer to be true and authentic you must turn your gaze within, attuning to your direct experience in the moment. Your feelings are of the now, pure response to the stimuli of the world. And yet they may trigger an emotion that you have experienced in the past when facing the same type of situation. The present, therefore, becomes a gateway to healing the past.
The invitation of Water, in the West, is to attune to your feeling as it is, recognizing it for what it is, allowing it to be without ever trying to change anything, investigating it in all its manifestations. Doing so you enter the depth of your being, descending into the cauldron of transformation.
Your descent brings you farther, in the North, where Earth prevails. Earth invites you to dive deeper into your feeling by attuning to the sensations in your body, the very sensations of your feeling.
 How are you experiencing that particular feeling in your body right now? Earth is asking you.
Tingling sensations? Pain? Shimmering sensations? The sensations can be recognized in their particular temperature, movement and density.

In the North, place of winter, you are invited to confront your experience as it is, awaiting for the energy to move on its own accord. Your attitude must be one of friendliness, offering the love of your heart to the sensations felt in your body.

Deep in the cauldron of transformation, you let go deeper and deeper, surrendering in the fertile ground of the subconscious. Shadows may start to reveal themselves in the form of archetypes.

In the darkness of the womb seeds of new beginnings are germinating…

As you dive deep into subconscious material, you may re-engage your mind to investigate the nature of the shadow and allow its locked power to emerge.

What do you want? Air is asking. What do you need?

Allow the answer to come from the shadow itself, entertaining a conversation with it. After all shadows are only such for as long as they remain in the dark… As you start to engage with the subconscious, light is brought into it for transformation to occur.

The Silver Wheel then peacefully turns to open your mind to a new vision, in the East where you meet Air.  Air carries the promises of new possibilities and inspiration of renewal. Like the crocuses of spring you emerge in the promise of new life. 

What do you inspire to? Air is asking you further more.

 A new self is dawning in the clarity of a pure mind, a mind cleared from the residues of the past. With innocence you rejoice in the ecstasy of spring vowing new birth upon the land of your life.

The courage to be your new self includes the courage to act on behalf of your inspiration. Inviting the fierceness of your spirit with focus and determination you turn with the Silver Wheel to soon face the South, home of Fire.
In the fire you burn, burning in pure passion. You are awakened to your soul self, responding to life with pure intent and authentic action.  There is no old anymore, no fear, no doubt, no limitations. Everything is burnt up and so gives way to a purified life force. Your creativity is ignited to its fullness. You act with power and determination, driven by pure will.

In the South, the place of summer, it is the time to celebrate with joy and passion who you have become. You are awakened to the fierce dance of your life force, uninhibited. Your kundalini is raised,  you are free to express yourself in your grandiosity in all humility.

Even though the Silver Wheel has turned in the 4 directions, your journey does not end here, for on the rim of the wheel only stands your human self, your body mind structure bound to this lifetime. 

You must return to the center of the wheel to find home again, the home lost for eons, the wisdom of oneness.
In the center abides Ether, also known as Space. Ether reveals about the Spirit that exists beyond and within matter. It is the space in which all the other elements exist.
Ether guides you to return to the center to discover yourself as Self, One with the All There Is. The illusionary separation that exists between self and other disappear to give way to Oneness.

You have returned to the heart, where your journey started, deeper now into the layer of the spiritual heart connecting you with the Universal Force and  Intelligence of All There Is.

Here you remain Pure Consciousness. And yet the Silver wheel continues to turn as an endless manifestation of life. Where you stand on the wheel forth-tells your identification with experience, on the rim of the wheel, or with Pure Consciousness in the center.

Isa Vasanti facilitates Silver Wheel circles, workshops and retreats in CO and NM.

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