When she is fooled by the dragon

There comes a time when Our Heroine meets a dragon, a male with a strong power of domination. She will eventually be seduced by this man with great charisma who entices her in his charms.

That is when she falls in love… she descends from her throne of governance to be submitted, even so slinky by the male. He’s got her, she has given him her soul.

For the Dragon she is like the immortal Unicorn, the ultimate creature to dominate. He can not kill her, but he can feed on her energy. The only way to control this immortal creature is to steal her soul, to make her his.

The Dragon coaxes the Unicron by making her feel loved. He pleases her and manipulates her. He makes her believe that he can open his heart and together they may share years of sweet happiness. He keeps seducing her to entice her in his lair. Is he capable of true love or even empathy?

Her devotional love gives him an omnipotent sense of power; with her he expands the manifestation of his potential, growing his fire and swelling in his dominion. He devours her energy.

She may know she is fooled when she realizes her energy goes towards “her” man, she is possessed by his presence. He lives under her skin.

Will she ask herself if she has lost her way, recognizing she is incapable of thinking of herself without him?

For Our heroine, to have her energy sucked by another can only be perceived as a blessing, a challenge to overcome and grow from.

She must reclaim her sovereignty by returning to her own energetic center. Pulling her strings back to herself, she comes back to her personal field of existence.

Attuning to her feelings and sensations she may discover the patterns of imbalance she is experiencing while living in the dragon’s lair. While the dragon is out and about enjoying his own power, she is left alone in a home that is not hers. She waits for his return, longing to receive his passionate love. Under the influence of her own subconscious patterns, she is yearning to be fed by his love.

Our Heroine thrives to be a sovereign being, a woman who is fully complete onto herself. As she eventually recognizes her need to be loved, she becomes aware of her internal holes, the spaces within her that have been deserted and therefore need caring attention.

Her need to be loved by another is the clue of her lack of wholeness. She hatches onto another hoping to get what she deeply needs. She gives to the other the governance of her satisfaction and completeness.

She eventually comes to realize that no one out there will be able to give her the wholeness she is longing for. She must find it within herself.

Only when she is whole onto herself can she meet the dragon in a balanced exchange. She rises into her power, expressing equal confidence and poise. She ceases to be at the mercy of the other’s emotional and motivational fluctuations. She stands in her own sanity and wisdom.

Centered in her being, she meets the dragon in his lair to rejoice in the play of love. When the ball is over, she returns home.

It is daunting for us, women, to fall in love with a man and give him our power. We have eons of patriarchal conditioning in which women have been passive and submissive. We may oscillate between being in our power and giving our power away moments to moment. What is important is the awareness of our fluctuation and thereafter our willingness to rectify the imbalance.

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