Embody your soul into Being.
Journey into your inner landscapes to retrieve lost parts of your soul.
Love is the key!

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Rather than focusing on a symptom or a diagnostic of disease, I see you as already healed, already whole.

The symptom is a doorway towards your depth, a clue offered by your body, mind and heart to look deeper, to search wider for health and harmony.

With various modalities on my tool belt, I will guide you to access the root causes of your symptoms and to transform them with compassion.

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Healing and awakening are two faces of one coin:

Healing is the resolution and integration of past wounds, awakening is soul alignment in the now.

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Heal your life by discovering your Self and accepting all parts of you.

Past hurts define limiting beliefs,
Beliefs govern the mind,
The mind drives the body.
Mind and body control our lives.

I will accompany You in your descent into the underworld.

The substratum of your human life where your pain and your hurts are stored. Demons and ghosts need to be met, heard, and fed for transformation to occur.

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Heal your inner relationship with the members of your past.

Those figures who come back into your current life wearing the clothes of your spouse or your enemies, those who trigger you.

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