In your depth lies
the Source of All Things

Diving In

Descend into the depth of your being and find the spark of your soul, buried in the structure of your body-mind.
Within your depth is to be found the source of your dis-ease and the source of your joy.

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To evolve is the epitome of healing and transformation. It includes not only the healing of past traumas and unresolved emotions but also the “becoming”, the expansion of self into beingness. It is one coin with two faces: healing and awakening.

When the soul is embodied in the form, you are an authentic and unique expression of lifeforce, responding to the world around you in the clarity of your inner knowing. The continual application of inner truth to the world becomes the key of your successful life .

The Art of Embodiment

The Art of Embodiment includes
the healing of Soma-Psyche,
the inflation of Prana and
the awakening of the Heart.

Soma is the Greek word for body, Psyche is mind.
The body is the vessel in which the soul manifests and experiences on the plan of Earth,
it is the vehicle of your human experience.
Prana is the breath as the life-giving force.
Heart is where consciousness likes best to hang out!
The frequency of the heart is similar to the frequency found in the field,
the invisible Matrix in which we all bathe.
As such the heart is a portal to All There Is or unity consciousness,
where the sense of separation that defines the limited self dissolves.


For healing to happen, the subconscious mind needs to be accessed, it represents the vast reservoir of thoughts, beliefs, memory, emotions, and habits that rule your life in a rather unconscious manner; it is the operating system of your computer brain.

The subconscious mind is made of various programs put in place a long time ago, mainly during your childhood. It keeps you running life from the past. It lives in the body as the egoic structure, and there, can be accessed to transform your sense of self and your life.


Awakening is the result of healing, yet not only the end of a long journey but a possibility to co-exist with healing, in the very pregnant belly of the Now.

It is the manifestation of the creative spirit within each and everyone, the embodiment of Spirit into form.

Past, Future and Present

You have three choices: to live in the past, in the future or in the present, each informs who you are in three respective structures of apparent reality. They can be accessed in the body: in the soma, in the mind, and in the heart – all contained in the human form and experience.

To heal  is to address the issues of the past
To become 
implies the vision and felt sense of the inspirational self
To be
is to experience what is in the here and now.

All three levels of human reality inform who you are, ultimately in the now.

The Soul

Beyond the human experience and prior to it, exists an eternal self, the soul, traveling from life to death and returning to existence, shall it be in various manifested and unmanifested forms.

Within the body moves a primordial energy, the lifeforce, pure, untouched and unfabricated. It is the code of your soul.

To touch and embody that spark of light within your earthly existence is the art of embodiment – the embodiment of the soul in the flesh.

By learning to recognize how it moves, what is it is and what is not, you start to give it space for it to flow freely, unbounded and unthetered. The light encoded in the energy is the ray of your brillant soul. She guides you in the manifestation of your highest potential.

The art of Embodiment is the art of being your Self

Isa Vasanti offers private session as well healing circles in Colorado and New Mexico. Phone and Skype sessions are also available.

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