January 4, 2021

Creating the New Era from Within

On winter solstice 2020, the Earth entered the sign of Aquarius and we, the people of the Earth, reached the promise of a New Era. We are invited to create the New Earth in the element of Air, where our beliefs, our thoughts, and our speech are the conscious creating force.

In the Hindu pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, Saraswati is the Goddess of speech and creativity, she is the force of creation held in the word. The swan is her ally, a symbol of purity. She is found on the bank of rivers, where she merges with the flow. Indeed, our mind can be like a river, where thoughts overflow and creativity ever unfolds. Saraswati teaches us to purify our mind to drop still in the essence of creativity, that space others have called the zone. Abiding in such a state of consciousness, time disappears as we are fully immersed in the fertile ground of creativity.

Our words are our thoughts and beliefs, may they be conscious or unconscious, however, many are unconscious and the result of old programs of conditioning instilled by familial, societal and cultural structures, they are embedded in the past. They run in the backstage of our mind as the operating system of our daily lives.

To become conscious is the task we are offered at this precious time of evolution on Earth, where the dark aspects of our psyche shall be illuminated by the light of our awareness and simultaneously included in our sense of self through unconditional acceptance. As we do so, attending to each one of our shadows, we move from the duality of mind that rejects and condemns to the unity that prevails in the heart. As we apply ourselves to resolve inner conflicts, we participate in the creation of the new.

As within so without.
We live in a reflected reality, the demons we perceive in the outer world are mere reflections of our inner demons. By befriending the dark aspects of our psyche, we make peace within ourselves and thus walk our path with an inner tranquility, the necessary quality of harmonious relationships. As we realize duality to be an illusion fabricated by the mind, we realize that separation and thus individual subconscious is also an illusion. Our inner work helps us to become whole and taps in the collective subconscious where it bears its fruits. As we transform ourselves, we transform the collectivity.

In every moment of our existence, the mind flows like a river. It is filled with words, each one carrying a particular frequency. We must be aware of our thoughts and the feelings they generate. Our feelings are the effect of mind on body, they are the felt sense readily available in our human vessel. Learning to discern the qualities of our inner field, we apply ourselves to be conscious beings.

~Feel ~

May your feelings be vibrating the dark colors of fear,
you shall attune to them and look closer.
Embrace the feeling – it is no less than an opportunity to transform.

Transform with light and love,
the light of your conscious mind choosing to watch,
and the love in the heart choosing to accept and include.

The so-called darkness is then transformed into light,
the low vibration of our inner landscape is raised by the simple choice to say yes;
to include is to transform.


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