April 27, 2019

The descent before the ascent

Nowadays, in spiritual communities, many are hoping for ascension. In that regard, they choose love over darkness, and positivity over negativity. Negativity includes low-frequency emotions as sadness, apathy, grief, depression, despair, guilt, shame, and fear. Sometimes anger is as well considered as a negative emotion, yet, anger can be a creative force, and often it is a doorway to a higher vibration.

Lightening the Underworld

At this time on planet Earth, at the dawn of a new era, evolution is consciousness, it resumes to being conscious, it looks like light shining outward, into the world around us, as well as inward, into our inner reality. Yet, our inner reality is often hidden in the darkness of our subconscious, the layer of the mind that contains our emotional memories, the good and the difficult.

To evolve is to transform darkness into light. Many of us know that the vehicle of our transformation is love. We have heard that love is our true nature. We are emotional beings, our emotions are an inherent part of our human condition, by-passing them is denying a part of our human self.

On our evolutionary path, obstacles will be presented. They will appear as threats to our equanimity and manifest as people or events pushing our buttons, triggering an emotional reaction. How we respond is equal to how much evolved we are!

Will we take the opportunity to look within?
Or will we enter the shame-blame game,
judging and condemning the other
rather than taking a look at our own reaction?

It takes courage to look within and to take full responsibility for our feelings. It is the courage to attune to our reactions and trace them back to the emotion present in the depth of our psyche right here and now. Often, the emotion is related to a past event that has not been processed to completion. Residual energy continues to loop onto itself as an incomplete response of the nervous system. Seeking completion and wholeness, the intrinsic intelligence of the human system “attracts” us to people or situations that resemble the past event. Homeostasis is the target, as the evolutionary impulse embedded in human existence.

When we react to a person or situation, we may courageously decide to look within ourselves and perhaps connect with our limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions. As we do so, armed with the weapon of love, we may apply ourselves to the necessary inner work that will liberate us from our cage where the bars are the structures of our ego-self, the structure of who we think we are, built over the years. Our history defines us, our sense of self is made of past experiences and each one of them has created a particular emotional state of being.

When we are mentally, physically, or emotionally triggered in any way, some lost parts of ourselves are prompted and invited in the circus of our consciousness. The trigger is the effect of the incomplete response of the nervous system looping onto itself.

By turning our attention within, we take the chance to first recognize our activated inner state, then eventually to process the residual energy and allow it to complete itself. Often it means facing our demons and being afraid, or panicked, or sad.

On our healing path, the primary key is unconditional love. It is the ability to befriend the dark, to accept what it is, and to generate compassion towards anything and everything. Love is our human and spiritual resource, the portal towards wholeness and unity. Love is the state of consciousness that swallows the darkness, may it be negative emotions, harsh judgments or physical limitations. It is the healing tool we must never drop.

Homo sapien must evolve into Homo Luminous, a being of light, fully conscious. When he is fully conscious, his subconscious mind, where darkness lays, clears and brightens.

Necessary healing must take place, the healing of the past through the descent into the basement of our psyche, where darkness has cast her shadow over disintegrated parts of ourselves. We descend into the underworld of our subconscious holding the torch of awareness and the weapon of love to transform darkness into light. As we do so, we ascend the lost parts of our soul into the light of the sky, as them we ascend.

Navigate your inner landscapes

with acceptance and care.


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