September 2, 2020

Evil Dark Shit

Evil is all around, existing on the plan of our cosmic reality. You have felt it many times when something was taken from you or some unfairness was done to you. We all have been victims of its malevolent wickedness.

We must understand its nature as well as our true nature to evolve not only personally but globally. We are living at an auspicious time of change and may choose to fully participate in the creation of the New Earth.

In its primordial essence, evil is no more than a consciousness that operates on the low vibration of fear. It may appear as a brute, a beast, a primitive entity that wants to crush the highness and annihilate the light, simply to feel victorious. It feeds on conflict as it is a separate consciousness anchored in the very darkness of death and destruction. It exists and preserves from fear. But evil, like darkness, disappears when light shines onto it. The no-thing of darkness vanishes into the All There is. Gone into light, gone into One!

The light is stronger! Evil can not destroy light unless you allow it by dimming your frequency to the level of fear. There it got you. It made you scare and thus it won. Now you are freaking out, you lose your shit, you are possessed by the dark force; evil infiltrated into you.

What you gonna do?

Panic? React? Blame this or that?

Take a breath. Find your breath in your belly, anchor yourself in the earth of your body. Feel and sense what is happening in your present experience. Freaking out is happening… fear is happening… Notice the sensations of your reaction; what are they? Where are they? How are they budging?

So your mind connects with your body. Mind sways in confusion at first attempting to establish alignment through mindfulness, and eventually, the heart returns to coherence. In the process, your attention moves away from the devilish entity out there, and perhaps you start to see the demon inside of you… because in fact, we live in a reflective reality: what you perceive out there is a reflection of what is inside ~ As within so without.

And the game goes on and on until you realize that your consciousness determines your reality, and furthermore until you solely identify with the pure awareness that you are.

There will be many triggers in a lifetime. Evil will knock at the door of our heart over and over until we realize a force that is greater and stronger, a force able to swallow it back into nothing. Of course, we don’t have to love the nails and thorns it puts upon us but rather we shall abide in Love, knowing that we are only given what we can handle.

The victim is the child within, s/he deserves our loving care. By feeling and accepting the child within, a loop of love is created where we can go back in the circle of life, held in grace and mercy. You are as much the child as you are the mother, swaying from one to the other from time to time. Mother and child are united in Love.

Human existence is embedded in duality. There is light and dark, there is love and fear. In this precious time of evolution, the veil is lifting up for evil to be discovered and understood for what it is. As we do so, we reclaim the power upon our lives and step into the Golden Age!

Light overcomes darkness

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