In-Depth Transformation

With Isa Vasanti


My name is Isa Vasanti, I am glad you have found your way here!

I have dedicated my life to inner transformation, moving from shame – due to emotional and sexual traumas – to joy, inner peace and purpose. It is my greatest honor to now accompany yours.

Human existence is a journey dotted with multifaceted experiences, some delightful and some difficult. They all carry sacred messages of evolution for you to decode and perfect the embodiment of your soul.

Embodying the soul into the fabric of your life ensues contentment and purpose. When mind, body and heart are aligned, personal and divine Will are one. The many experiences you are offered are all regarded as sacred opportunities of evolution.

Various techniques and modalities are part of my healing tool belt to guide you in a journey of self-discovery and self-love: Somatic Inquiry, breathwork (Transformational Breath ), shamanic healing, dream work and archetypal transformation.

Beside the many tools, compassion remains the healer, it lives within yourself. Ultimately, in-depth healing is the awakening of compassion towards all facets of human experience. When compassion for self is true and authentic, it naturally expands to others, granting harmonious relationships, and furthermore peace in the world.


A session of In-Depth Transformation is a journey into your inner landscapes where you attune to feelings, sensations, images and desires present in the pregnant body of the now. The present moment experience carries the stigmas of the past and thus becomes a portal for healing the past as well as awakening to the future, the seed of your becoming.

Connect mind and body by turning your attention within;
Breathe your soul into being;
Unlock the keys of your healing and awakening.

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