With Inanna in the Underworld – July 8th to Sept. 19th 2019

Have you looked in the sky to find Venus, our planet of love? You will not see her, she is invisble to us right now. Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility and war, is with Venus. She has arrived in the Underworld.

Inanna was involved in the Death of the Bull of Heaven, Gugulanna, the consort of her sister Erekshiegel, the Queen of the Underworld.

With regards to the grief of her sister, she chooses to descent in the Underworld to assist the funeral of the Bull of Heaven. The gatekeeper of the Underworld reports her the rule to be known: whoever descends in the Underworld never comes back into the world of the living.

Nevertheless, with faith in her immortality, Inanna engages in the journey down in the Underworld. She must cross eight gates, from the heavens at her crown down through all chakras until she reaches the Earth Star, the 8th gate below the skin of the earth, at the end of her roots. At each gate, she is asked to remove a garment, thus to give away her protective shell, and finally her power. Naked, she meets Death and the ultimate call to surrender.

With Venus invisible, she has now entered the Underworld and chosen to die. She is completely surrendered, hanging on a meat hook.

Every one of us, in the matrix of our galaxy, may feel the depth of the dark within as Inanna is meeting Death. When Venus becomes visible again, on September 19th, Inanna will have taken the breath of life and return to life, making her journey back up to the UpperWorld.

But for now, she as well as our reflective psyche, is being in a womb-like space where surrender and letting go are the only ways… It is a womb that catches you like a net of light, yet a light without odor neither color, the softness of the matrix that holds and supports All There Is.

Death is smiling at us with her enticing call to return home. We shall surrender. We shall say yes to Her for rebirth to takes place. Death is only a gateway.

In our life of the living, Death is the symbol of surrender, it is about letting go of all fears, letting go of all that keeps us up, alert and vigilant. Then suddenly there is nothing anymore; everything has vanished, gone in the blackness of eternity.

But Inanna will come back to life and so you will. Trust and remember that the utmost surrender is your gateway to rebirth.

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