July 12, 2020

Is it the time of Armageddon’s battle?

The counterfeit spirit disguised itself into the light to only create disturbance and make sick per it is a parasite. It intends to distract, agitate, and irritate the natural peace of God’s love. The great task is to remain in the light and to watch from the corner of our eyes its attempts to provoke. The human self then purifies from its omnipotence, and its opposite, the helplessness. The self strengthens into the soul code of absolute sovereignty.

In our mundane existence it looks like we are sickened by an evil spirit, the parasite that wishes to take over the light of the soul, which naturally abides in harmony with the All There Is. In the flawless sate, the flow is guided by a benevolent force towards love and unity. Rather, humans are disoriented, ill, angry, depressed. They react to the dark force and thus fall in its field of control. The result is a sense of being lost and plagued. In our confusion, often the only way out is through the illusionary death, the hope to end the suffering by ending life, but the soul never dies.

The soul incarnates on the plane of the Earth to evolve and ultimately to return to the source, undifferentiated, free of all karmas and human limitations. The soul then ascends into Spirit.

In this year of 2020, the battle is upon us. The parasite infiltrated the substrate of the world, rendering a wicked reality of disturbance. The wounds bleed the pus of giving away one’s absolute authority, allowing the parasite to invade ourselves and let it guide our way into disorder and disaster.

The way is to stand into power by finding the center within, the gate to Unity consciousness. Our focus needs to be on the light, the awareness turned onto itself, turned onto its source. Then will be a severing of the ties from the dark force.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]

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