January 6, 2020

Raise your vibration with Transformational Breath

At the dawn of the new era, raising our vibration is viewed as the key to resolving personal and collective challenges. An aim possible with Transformational Breath®!

Transformational Breath is a powerful healing and awakening modality that utilizes a conscious and connected breathing system creating a high vibrational energy force. With Transformational Breath®, your electromagnetic field is transformed at the cellular level, thus the past is swiftly cleared and your true potential is awakened in the now.

When I discovered breathwork, more than 20 years ago, my human system was running the low vibration of grief, PTSD and depression. Simply existing was painful. My body was filled with tensions as a result of countless unresolved emotions while my mind was despondent and weepy. My first breathwork session put me on the edge of myself as if electrified I was in my pain body; the issues living in my tissues were revealed beyond the precepts of the mind. And yet, in the loving presence of my breathwork facilitator, the old sense of unworthiness coming from lack of affection and respect in my childhood was transformed as he kindly rocked my now revealed inner child.  A new door of possibilities was opening, where hope and compassion prevailed.

There is an inner child present in the heart of each one of us. As we become adults,  we lose touch with our innocence as well as our childhood wounds. It is indeed easier to walk the path of western life with the oblivion of our hurts and pains. Through defense mechanisms, unresolved emotions are pushed down in the obscurity of the subconscious mind, until eventually, we are ready to re-visit them for their integration to occur. Hidden in the subconscious mind, they, however, continue to influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions unconsciously.

The unconscious mind creates the egoic armor in the body: the interface of the physical, emotional and mental bodies shape the structure of the self. It is made of contracted energy originating from past experiences; it results in blockages of the natural flow. The egoic armor defines the small self shaped after a chain of life experiences . When the body is relieved of the egoic armor, the lifeforce flows freely and the person experiences the true nature of Self.

Transformational breath® is a bottom-up healing modality. Diaphragmatic and circular breathing activates the subconscious mind laying in the tissues: the emotional and physical residues of the past are aroused and readily available for transformation to occur.

Circular breathing increases the energetic flow, making obvious the blockages in the body. They appear as contractions, pain or tension, in them are hidden the emotional imprints of the past. Feeling the sensations without engaging the cognitive mind cleanses and purifies the body in a swift manner, just like when you sweep your floor you do not pick up each piece of dirt from your pile! The residues of the past do not need to be analyzed to be transformed.

Transformation happens through the energetic entrainment created by circular breathing. As you fill up your body with Prana by using your entire respiratory system, the high energetic frequency created by the activation of the breath entrains the residual lower frequencies of past experiences to raise their vibration. Through this entrainment process, the emotional residues of the past are lifted from the low vibrational magnetic field of the subconscious and are integrated into the wholeness of the conscious self.

Transformational Breath® will help you reach the highest level of yourself. It opens the doors to your spiritual nature: you are Spirit having a human experience. The spiritual experience is a mystical experience that can be resumed to extasis, a state of flow defined by selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness, and richness (2017, Wheal, J. and Kotler, S. in Stealing Fire).

Purify yourself through the breath

Invite Prana to swirl in your body like the wind on the Earth,

sweeping the cob-webs of a fragmented past,

cleansing your mind and body for a fresh start.

Elevate your Spirit in extasis

Realize your highest potential!

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