Raven’s black magic

She was in her penthouse, enjoying the light of the sun shining through the large windows — a beautiful Indian Summer day. A blue sky with no trace of clouds announced harmony in the sky nation.

Wearing her favorite purple dress, she was ready to sit on her meditation cushion when suddenly Raven entered her penthouse through an open window. He circled the room, watching her straight in the eye. For a brief moment, she was pleased by such magical happening, but she quickly noticed the dark sight of the bird; she knew he had come to her with a mission, obviously sent by Great Spirit.

A shiver of fear traveled in her body like a sharp electric wave; her heart rushed into fast beats. Before her mind could make a story of this strange happening, her body knew there was a danger.

Raven flew to the furthest corner of the apartment, stand still for a moment, to then charge at her with mighty force. She turned her back to run away, but there was nowhere to go beyond the window. Raven violently hit her lower back, circled back to the end of the room to charge her again. The bird repeated his assault several times, tacking her to the window like the Christ was nailed on the cross. Blood was gushing out of her base and ran down her legs. She fell into an unconscious state where time and space disappeared… it felt like Death.

When she woke up from her trance, she was walking down the street of New York with tremendous pain in her pelvic floor; she knew her sacrum had been split opened. Nevertheless, she had survived the ordeal. She was alive and transformed – albeit the transformation seemed like a prejudice. Her face displayed the dark mask of trauma and her body was clothed with a black skirt suit, the garment of what appeared in western society as the clothes of outward success.

She was a spiritual woman, and that attirement was rather a foreign suit for her earthly self. She had never been a competitive woman of the modern world. Within and without, she did not recognize herself.

Raven had been her ally for many lifetimes, guiding her shamanic journeys to the Otherworld. Was she actually dreaming? Did the edge between the world wholly vanished to seamlessness between the many dimensions of reality?

The intense anal pain brought her back to the now, right down in the body. She knew healing would happen, but for now, she had to walk with the pain… and to feel the pain. The body was calling, and she must abide.

She was a shaman who traveled the many realms, she was a guide of the lost souls in the Underworld. She knew the spirits better than she knew the living, the spirits of the animals and the plants, the planets high above the Earth, the fairies and the angels. She had often reflected on the human condition to conclude that human life is marked by suffering and certainly does not deserve the trials of materialistic success. She far preferred traveling higher dimensions of reality where existence is not bound to the needs and aches of human physical nature. There is no true happiness to be found in the desires of the mind and the flesh. She had retrieved in a penthouse high above the trees, in the sky nation.

The anguish of human life had been so distressful for the young girl she once was that she had made a choice, certainly unconsciously at her young age, to leave the body and adventure in fantasy lands. As a child, she often wondered if she truly belonged to her family of origin, perhaps she had been delivered at their door on a cold morning? Maybe the woman who became her mother found her in a ditch? But why would she have taken her home when she was already so overwhelmed with her own life? She did not belong either to her family either to the country where she had landed at birth.

As soon as she hit her 18th birthday, she crossed oceans in search of herself. Nevertheless, she never belonged anywhere, except on the skin of Mama Gaia as she was magnetized to her by her human suit. She had found solace in Nature, among the flowers and the animals, and in the Spirit world, among the angels and deceased ones. Among the humans, on the contrary, she never felt at home, she did not fit or associate with them.

As such, it had been somehow challenging to live in this human world. She despised its mundanity made of needs and duties, work, and constraints.

And now she found herself walking on the streets of a busy city, wearing a black suit and high heels? Her pelvis was split open. Had it been closed for so long? Did Raven come into her penthouse to break her free?

As she returned to her meditation cushion despite the pain in her base, she noticed a tremendous flow of energy flushing from her body down below. It was like a river, a waterfall even, drenching down, a magnificent flow of violet flame. Yes, Raven was her ally of all time! This time around, he had to exert tremendous force, what could have appeared as violence, to open a valve far too long tightly closed, the first gate of her energetic body. As a guide of the Otherworld, where Mystery lies, he conducted the divine flow to move in her body, between sky and earth, making her finally fully divine and fully human.

Raven’s black magic often appear in our mundane world in the form of accident and illness. They are the forceful way of Spirit to help us evolve and become whole. The soul is a holographic fragment of Spirit traveling the eternal quest for the Holy Grail. On its journey back to the source, it will meet many demons, face various trials, all destined to heal and awaken.

By attuning to the symptoms felt in the body, we may unravel their hidden gift and become whole, once for all.

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