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You may have arrive here experiencing particular symptoms, may they be physical (tension and pain in the body, chronic or acute disease, virus infection, cancer, etc.) or mental and emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, etc. Shift from symptom management to holistic healing.

My Healing Philosophy

The body is the library of your history, the soil of your subconscious mind, where past emotions reside. It is a big reservoir of inputs as limiting beliefs, unresolved experiences, desires, wants, needs, and impulses. Such soil is the substratum of who you are, more primordial than the thinking mind. It is accessible through the felt sense in the body. Feelings are closer to your true essence than thoughts are, yet who your truly are is neither feeling or thought, it is beyond all forms.

Symptoms are warning signs of a disturbance in the fabric of our life. As such they are an opportunity for transformation and growth, an invitation to turn your attention within to find their root cause, the structural and energetic configuration of your disturbance.

Layers under a symptom, there maybe confusion, dissatisfaction, conflict. A dissonance between the primordial self and the egoic self is often the root cause of a dis-ease; a conflict between impulses and beliefs – a dialectic of freedom and control. By attuning to the symptom in the body, you embark on an inner journey destined to help you understand and resolve your inner struggles.

Human life is a journey of soul evolution. There is a natural intelligence embedded in the human system, an organic impulse of evolution. Every symptom is locked by a key, when you find it your growth is unlocked.

From head to heart – The ultimate healer is love. I guide people into the felt experience of self-acceptance, I invite you to experience in the now how it feels to be you, how it feels to connect with forgotten parts of yourself, and how it feels to love yourself.

Various techniques and modalities are part of my healing tool belt to guide you in a journey of self-discovery and self-love: Somatic Inquiry, breathwork (Transformational Breath ), shamanic healing, dream work and archetypal transformation.

Beside the many tools, compassion remains the healer, it lives within yourself. Ultimately, in-depth healing is the awakening of compassion towards all facets of human experience. When compassion for self is true and authentic, it naturally expands to others, granting harmonious relationships, and furthermore peace in the world.

A session of In-Depth Transformation is a journey into your inner landscapes where you attune to feelings, sensations, images and desires present in the pregnant body of the now. The present moment experience carries the stigmas of the past and thus becomes a portal for healing the past as well as awakening to the future, the seed of your becoming.

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