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Update your internal system with Transformational Breath Work

Your Breath is the carrier of Spirit

In ancient languages breath and spirit are one and the same word. In Greek Pneuma literally means ‘that which is breathed or blown’, it is the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person. In Sanskrit Prana is the universal sea of energy that infuses and vitalizes all matter – it enters the physical body through the breath. In Latin, Spiritum translates as breath and/or spirit.
Your spirit, and life force, is only one breath away. With Transformational Breath work, you have the opportunity to connect with your Higher Self and embody spirit into matter.

At this time of evolution, the Earth is going through a recalibration of her energetic frequencies; our bodies belonging to Earth need a re-calibration as well.

With breathwork the residues of the past can be cleared away through a simple yet powerful process. Breathing fully and continuously (no pause between inhales and exhales) begets high levels of oxygen in the body, allowing detoxification to occur. The old patterns keeping you in an enfeebled mode of operation are released. By inviting more oxygen in the system, the neuropeptides (chemical signals of emotions) are lubricated and invited to move freely. A new you is generated where the imprints of spirit are now informing your system.

In this time and age we are called to evolve into a new Homo, some have called it Homo Luminous, others have spoken of Homo Universalis. It is a human being filled with divine light and energy, a human radiating a high vibrational frequency. The being of the future is Fully Human: the four levels of his experience (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are integrated into wholeness. He processes low frequency emotions at a faster pace, recognizing them as the truth of the moment, allowing himself to feel in the now for integration to occur promptly.

For us, at this time of evolution, the work consists in clearing the past and liberating our body from our protective armor, in other words it consists in updating our system. The emotional self has been disregarded in our goal oriented societies, often creating a split in our consciousness, a division between what is acceptable and what is not. Breathwork allows the emotional self to be seen and thus integrated in wholeness.

Transformational Breath has the potential to heal and awaken on the four levels of our being:
– physical: cellular detoxification
– emotional: trauma healing
– mental: transformation of old beliefs
– spiritual: connection and embodiment of the higher Self.

Transformational Breath is a powerful healing and awakening modality that requires little as the breath is yours and always available! Working with the breath is working with Spirit in your human vessel, it is a direct pathway to your evolution!

You may have come here because you experience various symptoms, may they be physical (tension and pain in the body, chronic or acute disease, cancer, etc.) or mental and emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, etc. Even viruses – why would someone experience the onset of symptoms while others, exposed to the same virus, are asymptomatic?

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Shamanic Healing
Individual Session

Guided teaching sessions to retrieve lost and hidden parts of yourself by accessing them in the body (library of our history), processing them, and finally integrating them in the fabric of your life.

Shamanic Healing

Somatic Inquiry
Individual Session

A part of oneself got lost along the way of life for lack of acceptance and appreciation. It got buried in the underground of the psyche where it lives as a hungry ghost looking for gratification.

Somatic Inquiry

Breath-Work Circle

I guide people into the felt experience of self-acceptance, rather than only speaking of it. Most of us live our life from the mind, I think therefore I am. One step closer to the truth is I feel therefore I am.

Group Workshops

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