Shamanic Healing Individual Session

Through different modalities as mindfulness in the body, breathwork, conscious movement, and shamanic journey, Isa guides you in a journey to retrieve lost parts of your soul, buried in the deep soil of your body and mind. Discover and include all aspects of yourself by cultivating radical acceptance and unconditional love.

In the trenches of your emotional triggers, there is a wounded child.

The child needed love and appreciation to grow whole and healthy, but in a world dividing right and wrong, some aspects of self were judged, abhorred, and finally repressed for survival. Even buried in the underworld of your psyche, they still influence your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and desires. The healing journey consists of retrieving all parts of your soul by listening to their pain and need. Most often, they are starved for love and safety. Finally nourished, their code integrates into the self for wholeness to occur.

Shamanic Healing
Individual Session

Breath-work and soul retrieval.

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