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Somatic psychotherapy for holistic healing based on mindfulness centered in the body.

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Somatic Inquiry, art of embodiment

Somatic Inquiry is an invitation to dive into the full spectrum of your human experience and attune to the truth of the moment through the vehicle of the body. This practice will help you heal your past as well as your relationships. It will guide you to discover the potential lying dormant in your depth.
Somatic Inquiry is embedded in the new science of trauma healing and in the old alchemical theory of the 5 elements. It is a method of healing and awakening based on mindfulness centered in the body and informed by the principles of unity and organicity inherent to all life. Those principles are embedded in the fundamental trust of our inner wisdom. There is indeed, inherent to all life, an inner intelligence that moves the organism naturally towards evolution.

The unity principle is based on the concepts of nonduality and interconnectedness. The Universe is a hologram, and we are as well. Each person is a whole made up of various parts, each part able to inform about the whole. Individuals are part of larger wholes as families, communities, cultures, world, and universe. Humans and all living things are ingeniously designed to grow towards a greater wholeness. We are inextricably connected to all of life, ever evolving as is the entire universe. There is a force of evolution within each one of us, the ability to connect with that impulse is the key to our healing and awakening.

The mind-body holism principle informs as well the Somatic Inquiry method: there is a constant dialogue happening between our thoughts and our body, between our emotions and our physical sensations. We can mindfully sense and observe our emotions, sensations, thoughts, and impulses to inform us about what is happening in the now and what is needed in order to evolve. Resting in mind-body holism, we are able to enjoy a more integrated sense of the intelligence breathing us.

The theory of the 5 elements helps us navigate our human experience:
– Water informs us of our emotions;
– Earth informs us of our sensations;
– Air informs us of our thoughts and impulses;
– Fire represents the pure expression of the soul, available in the purification process.
– The 5th element, Ether, represents Pure Consciousness, Spirit that dwells in all things, the Source where we return home.

In Somatic Inquiry, the invitation is to turn your attention within and attune to the various aspects of your experience to better comprehend it. Once you have a sense of the stakes at play in your current experience – often those stakes belong to the past (old beliefs, unresolved emotions, values infiltered by others, needs and wants, etc.) – your ability to take responsibility for your well-being is anted up.

In your body, you carry your history as well as many residues of past incomplete experiences. Those residues are like emotional leftovers that fester in your system until you are actively choosing to process them. They will influence your current experience in an unconscious manner until you bring the light of awareness onto them. Self-awareness represents the first wing of the healing process; the other wing is compassion, kindness towards the parts of yourself that have been somehow disowned and pushed down in the basement of your psyche.

Once revealed, the stakes of your human experience are available for processing through compassionate inquiry. The evolutionary impulse that has been captive in the vortex of unresolved patterns is accessed and released for your personal well-being and those around you.

A process of befriending takes place in Somatic Inquiry, guiding you to reclaim your power. In the shadows of your psyche is imprisoned your true potential. In every inner demon, there is a potential ally, a force waiting to be unleashed for the actualization of your soul self and purpose.

Inquiring into the Soma, the vehicle of your human experience, you can access and heal the residues of the past and access your full potential.

You may have come here because you experience various symptoms, may they be physical (tension and pain in the body, chronic or acute disease, cancer, etc.) or mental and emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, etc. Even viruses – why would someone experience the onset of symptoms while others, exposed to the same virus, are asymptomatic?

Are you ready to begin the healing & awakening journey with me?

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Somatic Inquiry
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