June 29, 2019

Kali, She who bestows great power

“You have asked for me, for my love and my help, you have asked to become powerful as I am, I will show you all the shadows that prevent you to be that. I will put them in the fire to burn and you will transform through the ashes of nothingness.
Left within will be the pure and untouched divine spark.”

Be careful what you ask her… She is relentless to reveal your shadows and challenge your deepest fears.

For Kali, your power is more valuable than your security. She wants you raw, fresh, native.

She is the fierce compassionate dark Mother, concerned with what is in the dark: your shadows, your innermost fears, your attachments, your unwanted outcome, your unresolved emotions, your wounded child.  All the strategies you have played to comfort yourself and avoid living your power. Kali will ask you to embody your power by bringing you to the edge of Death – That that you fear.

Yet she will never omit compassion, a fierce compassion. It is not sympathy and it is not empathy. It is the compassion for your soul purpose, your true creativity, and your greatest potential; the fire of Spirit within you. She is compassionate to those rather than the frightened child. She sees the child in despair, she loves her and tends to her by inviting her to burn away what is in the way of realizing her true power.

“You can do it, dear child… what you are facing is only the edge of fear, the margin of immobility…  you are frozen by fear but I am with you, my child. Trust me. Know that all I want is your creative flow. You have to jump like the fool; you will evolve if you trust me. Become the woman that you have so wish to be, be Her; and be like me unstoppable, unfabricated, unapologetic, in full trust of the divine. I am the Divine. I am the womb of creation. I show you your shadow, the wounded parts in you that keep you locked in the old. I will burn them away for you to be reborn.”

The wounded child will grow into the innocent child, she who trust the Mother and the Father, she who knows Existence has her back.
Kali will help her. Yet first, she must destroy the old by revealing the limitations embedded in fear.

She shows you everything present in your psyche that has been hidden and now needs to be seen, acknowledged, recognized, and allowed to be integrated. Allow her to heat up any numbness and light the fire that transforms your frigidity.

She heals the traumatized self because the result of trauma is always fear.

When the old is burned away, purity can finally shine her brilliant light. What remains is the divine spark – clear, simple, single-minded, moving forward as the play of creation. Untainted. Pristine. The divine spark of spirit that expresses itself in your body, the soma, as your soul. You become a free empty vessel,  anxiety and worries cleared away, surrender rejoices.

Surrender can only happen in total let go.
Letting go is death.
Death is only a gateway to rebirth.
Always remember that.
Letting go for the greater intelligence to dominate;
Great perfection unfolds.”

Kali wants you to be the Creatrix that receives the codes of creation in her womb. In the black nothingness, in the empty, vast and infinite belly of the Mother, you are purified of all that is false and cumbersome. Mental formations are released for clear mind to soar beyond.

The great void is empty yet filled with the presence of the Dark Mother, the womb out of which everything is born. It is filled with love. Not a romantic love, but love as the principle of creation – the spark that connects all into one.

Lifeforce is you. Lifeforce is always creating, manifesting, being… and you become that. Allowing the divine impulse to be manifested through your physical form, the soma. Unfabricated. Raw. Immaculate.

Kali is not for everyone.
She is the dark mother powerful as no other.
She is the destroyer, the gateway to rebirth and creation.

Invoking Kali is the most courageous prayer one can make.

Yet, even if you don’t ask, She will strike because She is Who is Death
and death always mingles with life.


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