April 3, 2021


You are Spirit having a human experience,
the God creator and the Goddess energy simultaneously.

Surrender and become the mediator of the Divine creative impulse,
unfurling in the belly of the Now.

She holds you in her delicious matrix,
there is nothing to fear.
You are safe,
She’s got you.

Surrender and open to Her heart, your heart.
The child and the mother reunited at once.

God can not be grasped because there is no God outside of you, the creator is consciousness within All Things.

Only surrender will do.

Receive God and thus receive Spirit within you, as you.

The individual expression is the spirit manifesting into a particular form, a gestalt of statism and dynamism. It is the Soul that you are.

When you surrender,
the resistances and
frozen parts of yourself melt away.
With fire, something awakens;
the light of the sun transported within,
the fire of creation.

Any resistance then becomes a doorway of opening.
From darkness to light.
The light is love;
the light is a yes,
a penetration.

It expands.
It opens like a lotus with a thousand petals.

Softly you awaken, delicately you open like a flower,
like a baby birthing into the world.


What you see inside are symbols of the fractal reality in which we bathe.
Each created by One consciousness. 

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