The tone of the Soul

Many of us are in search of our true nature and our true power. In Transformational Breath®, to find that power we tone… or we scream… huh… Even though Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath® tells us to express angelic sounds, there is often a primal scream longing to be expressed. And when we do, don’t we unleash a power long forgotten, a power buried in the depth of our psyche?

Sometimes it sounds like a loud wail expressing tremendous terror and pain, the brave expression of a power repressed a long time ago when we learned to shut ourselves up when the better choice was to endure rather than fight and defend our right. 

The wail is the sound of the soul longing to be heard again. Thus, expressed, the soul returns to the body and becomes the leading agency of our existence. 

It is the mind that must say yes to the primal scream, the ego that must surrender to the soul in search of becoming.

The ego was created upon the abnegation of the soul when the child learned how to survive in front of adversity. Facing a threat, s/he froze and played dead like the impala chased by the cheetah in the wild. The assaulter was manipulative and stronger; the child had no other resort than to acquiesce and comply, and there is the foundation of childhood trauma.

Emotional trauma is part of our human condition. Each one of us, to various degrees, have learned at some point that living in our true power is inappropriate, improper, risky or dangerous. Trauma is of many arrays, varying on the large scale of abuse – any violation of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integrity and dignity. To be asked to kill another human being is as much traumatic as killing is not part of our divine encoding. We know how veterans suffer from PTSD after living the atrocities of war. 

Emotional trauma is the wounding embedding our human condition; its healing is the substratum of our becoming. We must descend in the depth of our soma and psyche, tap into the latency of our emotions and allow their locked power to be unleashed for awakening to happen. 

Transformational Breath® is an amazing modality that enables us to access rapidly the patterns of contraction at the foundation of our power sacrifice. Those patterns appear as pain and tension locked in the body and in the heart. Attuning to the impulse sealed in the tension allows us to unleash their energy for energetic flow to be restored.

Tension is the badge of energetic blockage. It is like a ball of energy vortexing onto itself instead of running with the flow. Flow is the river of lifeforce that grants us ecstasy and bliss, the vehicles of self-realization and enlightenment. To return to the ocean, the river must flow – freely. 

Thus, for all of us who have been traumatized in some way, healing comes first, it can not be by-passed. You will not truly awaken unless you heal the issues that are in your tissues; unless you open the valves of the energetic body and burn away the frozen parts of yourself that keep you running at the low frequency of fear. 

Dare to be, dare to express yourself in the safe field created by the Transformational Breath® Family. Allow the primal scream to rise from your depth, awakening the codes of your soul who will then tone with the angels!

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  1. Hi Isa!

    I miss you and hope you’re doing well. My aunt Kelly was just taking Level IV and said she really connected with you ! It would be so cool if we could all work together one day on a week!!

    Sending you lots of love and light,

    Tara Lusher

    1. Hi Tara! Your aunt Kelly! I loved connecting with her as well! Perhaps one day we can all meet in Costa Rica 😉

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