The two wings of Healing: Awareness and Compassion

The Soul-self and
the ego-self

The soul-self is hidden and obscured by the ego-self. In the course of your lifetime, it has been tamed and subordinated to familial, social and cultural rules. You have been shaped to laws of conduct as well as beliefs all destined to make you a good citizen, successful, appropriate and adjusted to the explicit and implicit laws of our society.
The wild horse that is your pure and primordial energy shall have been restrained and tempered for you to exist among others.
The result is the ego-self, a bundle of thoughts and emotional patterns locked in the ego structure as everlasting programs .

Nonetheless, the ego-self has its purpose and is your ally in the world. To be able to discern the ego-self and the soul-self, as well as their harmonious interface, allows you to walk on the earth with mind body and heart aligned.

Returning to the soul-self and finding the breath of spirit within the body is the aim of the healing and awakening process. It will take courage and determination to access the old beliefs and conditionings that define who you are in the world – how you behave and respond to challenges. It is the courage to see and acknowledge your limitations and your suffering. It is the courage to be true to yourself, to open your awareness to the hidden places of physical and emotional pain. And ultimately it is the joy to discover who you are beyond the limitations and suffering of the human self.

The ego-self is cast in the body as the body is your home for your lifetime on earth. Any unresolved emotions, any beliefs can be accessed in the body through a process of somatic inquiry. The body is the substratum of the subconscious, the basement of your psyche that holds the hidden parts of yourself.

The healing journey

Making the journey to those places is the first step of the healing process as you must see what lays in your depth, what are the nuts and bolts of your human experience before being able to transform them. Yet it shall not be the end of the journey without the activation of loving-kindness. Awareness without compassion is dry, it is deprived of transformative effects. You can watch your inner child from above, seeing her tears and despair but if you don’t give her your loving attention, she will continue to scream and cry.

To be embraced in the love of your heart is what she is yearning for; to be seen and recognized in her suffering and longing; to be met by the compassionate adult that you can be.

Some parts of you have been rejected and suppressed a long time ago when the child was not psychologically and emotionally equipped to resolve the challenges she was faced with. If there was no adult to model how to proceed with her emotional upset, she had no other recourse than pushing away her feelings somewhere down in her body. Most likely the adults around her did not know how to deal with their emotions and the only option they knew was denial. How could have they taught her any other way?

Emotions are to be included rather than denied – there is indeed a potential other way to be in the world. It includes consciousness and compassion, consciousness as the willingness to witness our inner and outer reality and compassion as our ability to embrace what is as it is.

What you resist not only persists but will grow in size.Carl Gustav Jung
What you accept and embrace transforms. Isa Vasanti

There is a primordial fear at play at the core of unresolved emotions. At their onset, something scared us. If they remain As unresolved, they continue to scare us because they are stuck in the past and hidden from our conscious mind until we actively choose to meet them from the seat of consciousness, which truly lives in the heart. The heart, per its capacity to love, includes and transcends.

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